Cuenca Singles created for expat baby boomers; exploring ideas for social events and partnering with businesses

Dec 22, 2012 | 0 comments

Cuenca Singles has been created by friends Mary Ann Dion and Bob Higgins who are looking for a way to bring single, social expats together to network, create new friendships and share social experiences.
When he lived in Arizona, Bob belonged to a number of singles meet-up groups while Mary Ann had joined similar groups when she lived in New Zealand. After the two relocated to Cuenca, they noticed the lack of such groups and decided to create Cuenca Singles.

According to Mary Ann and Bob, Cuenca Singles is not a dating service, although they expect that dating will happen within the group. The purpose of the group is to create experiences where single people in Cuenca can meet, socialize and create friendships that expand beyond the gatherings sponsored through Cuenca Singles. The group will explore ideas for mixers, house parties, dances, concerts, travel and other fun or interesting events that will be presented to group members. The goal is to create collaborative partners with area restaurants and businesses so that we can offer events that are not only exciting and interesting but also economical.

To join Cuenca Singles go to and complete a member profile. You will be contacted by email about upcoming events and happenings within Cuenca Singles. You will also be able to look at other member profiles and become acquainted with the other members of the group even before you get to meet them at an event. Membership in the group is free but some events will have a charge to cover the expense of the event.

The first event is planned for Friday, December 28 at San Sebas Café. The owner of San Sebas Café, Lindsey, has welcomed Cuenca Singles and is looking forward to hosting our kickoff event at her café. There will be live music, lively conversation and a chance to share thoughts about future events and happenings for the future of Cuenca Singles, but you must become a member and RSVP to attend.


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