Cuenca to study a cross-city bike path

Mar 25, 2017 | 12 comments

A long-time dream of cycling advocates, the city of Cuenca will soon begin planning a cross-city bike route connecting Av. Las Americas at Av. Primero de Mayo in the west, to the industrial park in the northeast.

The new bike route would connect to existing paths. (El Tiempo)

On Friday, the city signed an agreement with the Ecuadorian Development Bank (BDE) for $119,000 to study the route and logistics for the project.

To be called the Ciclovía de los Ríos de Cuenca, the bike route would run primarily along the Rios Yanuncay and Tomebamba, and would have limited contact with vehicular traffic. “The plan considers alternative transportation, recreation, and safety,” says Cuenca’s Mobility Office director Jaime Guzmán. “Once the project is complete, it is very possible that biking across Cuenca will be faster than driving due to traffic congestion,” he added.

The study will managed by architect Pablo Esteban Ochoa, a biking enthusiast who has promoted city biking projects for years.

Tentative plans call for the path to run along the Rio Yanuncay from Av. Primero de Mayo to Tres Puentes at Av. Solano, then continue to the University of Azuay. It would continue on Diez de Agosto at Gapal where it will connect to the Monay bike path. A connecting path would come through Parque Paraiso to Av. Pumapungo, proceeding to Av. Max Ulhe and to the Panamericana North highway.

The study will determine the need for and placement of bike overpasses and construction of safety barriers.

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