Cuenca-to-Loja flights possible in March, Tram inspector wants more money, Hula hula jam

Jan 24, 2018 | 4 comments

Martes, 23/1/2018

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Taller – Meetings of Prueba_Error, Club-laboratorio started hoy and will run to el jueves from 17-20:00 in La Vitrina. The club explores artistic processes linked to technology. The project is based in a non-conventional educational initiative that brings together a set of experiences, developing learning processes based on collaborative work. <It sounds like a bunch of young people talking about themselves.>

Expo Concierto – There will be a photo show and music el jueves a las 20:00 in el República Sur. It is part of the project Aula. Free.

Jam de Hula Hula – This event will be el domingo a las 16:00 en el parque De La Madre. Attendees can bring hulas, clavas, banderas (hulas, nails, flags) <That doesn’t make any sense. Or it’s a cultural thing that’s passed me by.> or be part of acroyoga, dance and music.

Articles about –

La Unidad de Cultura – The Cultural Unit of the U. of Cuenca has developed a management plan for 2018.

Conservatorio – The Conservatorio de Cuenca is preparing to commemorate its 80th anniversary. It was founded el 14 de febrero, 1938 by the Cuencano poet, Remigio Crespo Toral. Currently there are over 750 students in dance and music.

Authors’ meeting – An Argentine writer met with 3 Cuencano writers from different eras this evening at the Pálier Café-Libro.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Tranvía: líos con empresa fiscalizadora (Tram: a mess with the inspection company) – Artelia Ville & Transport was contracted to inspect the project, but the moment the contract with the ACTN Tranvía Cuenca consortium was signed, Artelia filed a claim for additional money. The demand is being evaluated. Work is being done on Las Américas at the bridge over the Yanuncay, at Feria Libre, the bridge over the Tomebamba, and Gran Colombia y Unidad Nacional.

S.S. raise – The IESS pension increased minimally by .42%. Affiliates can go to www.iess.gob.ev to get their contribution histories. <You numbers junkies can read about how pensions are calculated and capped.> The highest income pensioners contribute part of their pensions to help out those with the smallest pensions. The cap is set at $2,123 which represents 550% of the basic salary. <You can live pretty good on that much, and be able to travel.>

Burning drugs – Ecuador will destroy 15 tons of drugs seized by the police in 2017. The first 4 tons were burned el pasado viernes outside of Quito. <I’m remembering a scene from “Saving Grace.” So how do you find out where they’re burning so you can be downwind?>

Vote 2018 Page – The article is about Question 1 and has the wording for the change to Article 233 of the Constitution. Councilwoman Gabriela Brito cited World Bank statistics showing worldwide corruption in 2008 was about 5% of the GDP. Corruption increased the cost of business by 10%, and represents 25% of public procurement contracts in developing countries. She also cited IMF statistics showing the movement of $1.5-2 billion each year in bribes in both rich and poor countries.

Aero Regional – The airline announced the possibility of an air route to Cuenca, Santa Rosa, Catamayo (serving Loja) and others as early as March. The B735 with registration no. HC-CTF arrived in Ecuador last week. <I think that’s the fleet that will serve Cuenca.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –


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