CuencaHighLife introduces a new feature: Jeanne’s daily news update

Nov 5, 2015 | 0 comments

In the interest of keeping readers informed about events in Cuenca, CuencaHighLife is adding a new daily feature, Jeanne’s Periodico.

jeanne artJeanne started Periodico two-and-a-half when she realized that many expats were having trouble keeping up with events in Cuenca. “A friend mentioned that she would have gone to a concert had she known about it so I said I could email her with those announcements,” Jeanne says. “And from there, it just grew.”

Since then, Jeanne has provided her daily update to hundreds of private subscribers and has now decided to share it with a larger audience.

A subscriber to daily newspapers for more than 40 years and a self-described workaholic, Jeanne reads Cuenca’s largest newspaper, El Mercurio, every day and provides a digest, with personal commentary, of what she believes is of most interest to expats. She covers cultural events, news and whatever else strikes her fancy. In addition, she provides a daily Spanish lesson of sorts, with words of the day.

For many subscribers, Jeanne’s comments, which range from sagacious to snarky, are the highlight of her Periodico.

We post Jeanne’s Periodico uncensored and unedited.



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