CuencaHighLife ‘Premium Reports’ provides need-to-know information for expats and expat wannabes and the first one is free

Jun 27, 2016 | 3 comments

From our humble beginning in 2008, CuencaHighLife has grown to be Ecuador’s leading online expat publication. Every day, thousands of subscribers look forward to the latest news and features from our vibrant city and country.

chl free reportOne big reason for CuencaHighLife’s continued success is that we listen to your feedback. You’ve told us how much you love our up-to-date news and fascinating articles about daily expat life. And you’ve asked for more in-depth information on important subjects that affect us all.

We’re excited to introduce CuencaHighLife “Premium Reports,” a new exclusive feature that focuses on expanded coverage of need-to-know aspects of expat life in Ecuador. Each Report will bring you all the in’s-and-out’s of a new subject, arming you with knowledge to enrich your life and avoid costly mistakes.

Our complimentary initial Premium Report (future Reports published in the next few weeks will have a nominal charge) delves into a painful topic none of us wants to face: “Blue Lights in Your Rearview Mirror: Drunk Driving and Speeding Laws in Ecuador.” Will you go to jail? What are your options? Learn all this and more by getting your free download here.

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