Cuenca’s Top Ten Attractions Table of Contents

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Introduction  7

People Watching in Parque Calderón 9

Abdón Calderón, Revolutionary Hero  9

The Park Scene 10

Around the Park 11

Shopping at the Mercados  15

The Mercados of El Centro 15

Feria Libre 17

The Coopera 19

Dining Out  21

Almuerzos  21

North American  23

Chinese  24

Ecuadorian  24

Gourmet  25

Indian  25

Italian  26

Mexican  27

Parrilla  28

Vegetarian  29

Other Cuenca Cuisines  30

Art, Food, And Crafts Festivals  32

3 de Noviembre  32

12 de Abril  34

Carnival  34

Other Cuenca Festivals  36

El Cajas National Park  37

Returning to the Cajas  38

Caution: Wilderness Ahead  41

Lower Cajas  42

Lazing along the Rio Tomebamba  43

Down By the River  43

Mirador de Turi (Turi Overlook)  46

Getting There  46

El Mirador  47

Learning/Practicing Spanish  49

Language Schools and Computer Programs  50

Baths at Baños de Cuenca  53



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The Cuenca Dispatch

Week of February 18

The Cuenca – Molleturo – El Empalme Road Remains Shut Down Due to Landslide.

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Woman Escapes House Arrest in Cuenca While Under Police Surveillance.

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Ecuador and Colombia Forge Agreement for Individual Prisoner Repatriation.

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Veronica Arpi News

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