Cuenca’s virus response improves; Trauma center nears completion; Airline would fly to Guayaquil, Manta; Patients ignore other diseases

Sep 4, 2020 | 6 comments

Jueves, 3/9/2020

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Titular – Dos créditos para obras (Two credits for projects) – The city of Cuenca has modified the approved 2020 budget from $239,177,636 to $242,637,052. It will include money from 2 loans from the Banco de Desarrollo. One for $17,283,350 will be used to build a new bridge over the Yanuncay to connect calle Carmen (sic)(Carmela) Malo with Isauro Rodríguez, create a new interchange on De Las Americas at the Sindicato de Choferes del Azuay gas station, and make bike lanes. The second for $249,997 will be used to buy supplies and contract for services to prevent, diagnose, and treat Covid-19.

City government says that citizens are doing a better job of controlling the spread of Covid-19. (El Mercurio)

Prevención en lugar de más camas es el plan del MSP (Prevention instead of more beds is the MSP’s plan) – The plan to deal with Covid when the estado de excepción (state of emergency – your phrase for the day) ends on 12/9 is to have fewer cases instead of increasing the number of hospital beds. Although infections have increased and hospitals stay full of patients, self care and the co-responsibility of citizens has improved in the last weeks which gives a ray of hope to the health system. <Maybe the number of people who know someone who’s gotten sick or died has reached a tipping point and has people thinking, “I could be next.”>

The mayor announced that his plan to address the pandemic locally would be available between lunes y martes, but as of miércoles nothing was officially presented. He said the city is moving ahead with issues within its jurisdiction such as mobility restrictions, not authorizing large events, and land use controls. <Maybe he’s just hoping all this will go away if he ignores it long enough.>

In numbers for you statistics junkies, the Vicente Corral Moscoso hospital has 75 patients of which 36 are critical and the IESS hospital has 111 patients, 36 of them critical. Confidence in the ability of the population to take care of themselves is based on statistics showing citizen behavior has improved. ECU-911 reports that alerts to possible Covid cases dropped from 54 to 25 in the last month, curfew violations are down 52%, clandestine parties down 58%, and breaking epidemiological confinement is down 60%. Incidences of crowds are down 86%, and the number of bodies picked up in a day fell from a high of 10 on 11/8 to 1 Thursday, and that was a victim of a traffic accident. Driver conduct has improved with 65% fewer accidents creating fewer emergencies and allowing more space for Covid patients. <And there is an answer as to why driving is restricted to 3.5 days a week.>

IESS construye su centro de traumas (IESS builds its trauma center) – The IESS hospital has resumed work on a trauma center which is 30% complete and expected to be finished in octubre, 2020. The center will provide emergency medicine, trauma surgery, critical care, neuro-surgery, orthopedic surgery, anesthesiology, and radiology. This new space will free up spaces in the emergency room in case that area is needed for Covid patients.

Preocupa el abandono de tratamientos (Abandoning treatment is worrisome) – Doctors are asking their patients to not abandon their regular treatments for fear of catching Covid since health facilities are using protocols to avoid contagions. A neurologist said that a stroke is a lot more lethal than a case of Covid. He said that diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and cholesterol related diseases should not be left untreated since they can turn into a time bomb. He also said that many patients have become more sedentary, eat more unhealthily, experience stress, and drink and smoke more so that their health has deteriorated. So if you feel paralysis, the inability to talk or smile normally, or feel body weakness, go to a hospital. <Before that occurs, it might be a good idea to stub out that cigarette, pour the drink down the drain, turn off the computer, and go for a nice walk. For some of you, you could reduce stress by not reading my column.>

Nabón da wi-fi gratuito a sus 79 comunidades (Nabón gives free wi-fi to its 79 communities) – the Municipio de Nabón is giving free wi-fi service to all of its communities. This is so that its children and youth will be able to attend virtual classes. The equipment has been installed in 50 of the 79 communities and the project should be finished by the end of the month. The wi-fi signals will cover community centers and schools. The canton has its main city plus 3 rural parishes. In noviembre, the canton and MIES plan to give 400 tablets to families in extreme poverty. <Good thinking – what good is free wi-fi if you don’t have the gizmo to take advantage of it?>

Ecuatoriana Airlines quiere volver a volar (Ecuatoriana Airlines wants to fly again) – Last lunes, Ecuatoriana Airlines asked the Consejo Nacional de Aviación to grant the Permiso de Operación (Permit to operate) to provide regular domestic air transport services to the public for passenger, cargo and mail flights. It wants approval for 30 national routes including Cuenca-Quito-Cuenca with 7 weekly flights, Cuenca-Guayaquil-Cuenca with 6 weekly flights, and Cuenca-Manta-Cuenca with 5 weekly flights. <Before you get too excited about flying to Guayaquil again, think about how long it took for AeroRegional to get permission to operate and how long did it actually fly to and from Cuenca?>

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