Cuenca’s Zero Magazine celebrates publication of its second edition with a Tuesday night celebration at Cuchara Magica Café and Restaurant

Apr 29, 2015 | 3 comments

According to publisher Sara Coppler, the second issue of Zero Magazine: Living with Latitude, represents a maturation of the young publication. During a Tuesday night launch party at Cuchara Magica Café, she welcomed new staff members and thanked the original staff who have helped get the publication off the ground.chl zero

Among the features in the new edition are:

The selfless mission of Rocío Illescas. First in Italy and Africa, then back in Ecuador, Rosío has worked with the sick and dying and currently, with poor children with learning disabilities at her special school, CETAP-Lucy. According to Illescas, Cuenca expats are playing a crucial role is supporting her work.

Choose your travel companions wisely. World traveler and Cuenca expat George Forgues discusses the thorny issues that come up when you travel with friends. George is the author of the blog.

More gringo lingo. Comedian and television writer Buddy Winston offers some additions to the gringo lingo lexicon. So what’s the Pinchinchacha? Answer: A pacing dance done while waiting for the person in front of you who takes forever at the ATM machine, apparently using it as a video game.

Painting the town. Peruvian painters Maite and Alberto Soriano moved to Cuenca three years ago and have adorned dozens of expat walls with their powerful, colorful creations.

Rockin’ Cuenca. Singer Brian Gary and his Rubber Biscuit band have become a favorite with both expat and Cuenano audiences. He and the band cover the 50s, 60’s and 70’s with the music of such artists as Elton John, the Beatles, Santana, Elvis, Neil Diamond and the Rolling Stones.

And, of course, much, much more.

The latest edition of Zero is available at businesses and restaurants where international crowds gather in Cuenca.


Left to right: Jonathan Mogrovejo from CuencaHighLife, and from Zero: Paul Pinos David Johnson, Sara Coppler, Jamil Soliz