Cuenca’s Zero Magazine’s new website goes live!

May 28, 2015 | 0 comments

Publisher Sara Coppler announced Wednesday the launching of a new Zero Magazine website. In a press release, she stated the goals and mission for the website and magazine.
chl zeroWhat’s happening in (and out) of Cuenca? What’s the latest news on the arts and culture scene? How about food and fun? Are there any emerging Emily Dickinsons or Ernest Hemingways in town? And what’s new with the local wellness community?
To find the answers, check out Zero Magazine’s new website, The website not only includes online versions of our printed editions, but gives you the opportunity to connect with the latest news, check out the local social scene, and read special website-only content, including video and text links we have added to our printed articles.
The Zero Magazine website has created a new community outreach feature, Our Community Cares. It connects those with personal and emotional needs with others in Cuenca who can offer support.
This is just the beginning for Zero. Our aim is to create a community-based magazine that you can be a part of, and feel proud of. Our third issue will be off the presses at the end of June, so stay tuned for news about the next release party!
Check out our new website,, tell your friends about it, and encourage them to subscribe to the newsletter.


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