Noboa scores decisive victory over González and Correismo, pledges ‘new direction’ for Ecuador

Oct 16, 2023 | 0 comments

Daniel Noboa, the surprise candidate of Ecuador’s cross death election, will be the country’s new president. With more than 95% of votes from Sunday’s runoff election counted, Noboa held a 52.25% to 47.75% lead over Citizens Revolution candidate Luisa González.

President-elect Danel Noboa

The son of so-called “banana baron” Alvaro Noboa, a five-time loser in presidential elections, Noboa, 35, will be Ecuador’s youngest president when he assumes office, probably in late December. Describing himself as a “candidate outside the establishment,” Noboa surged from 4% support in the polls a week before the August 20 election to his runoff victory.

According to political analysts, Noboa’s meteoric rise was the result, in part, of the shock of the assassination of presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio 10 days before the first election.

“I welcome the confidence that Ecuadorian citizens have placed in me and promise to work as hard to fulfill the promises I made during the campaign,” Noboa said Sunday night from his home in Olón. “It is time for new leadership and a new direction for Ecuador.”

The election was considered by many to be a referendum on the policies and popularity of former president Rafael Correa, represented by González, and strong anti-Correa sentiment. González had promised a return to the Correa agenda of governance and said Correa would be her “number one advisor.”

At 7:30 Sunday night, shortly after the National Electoral Council had declared Noboa the winner, González conceded defeat and pledged to work with Noboa to solve Ecuador’s problems.


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