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Dear CuencaHighLife readership …

Dear CuencaHighLife readership,

The goal of the CuencaHighLife publication is to keep the expat community in Cuenca and all of Ecuador informed on what is going on in Ecuador when it comes to politics, economics, laws, etc. We have also always made a strong effort to publish articles informing our readership that does not yet live in Ecuador about what life is like here. We have always done our very best to be of service to the expat community.

This morning an article was published that, in my opinion, was not of service to the expat community. CuencaHighLife has always tried to publish multiple sides and opinions on different subjects to stimulate ideas and debate. This morning’s article instead created division among our readers.

Many of the CuencaHighLife readership have met me personally and worked with me with advertising campaigns, not for profit events, informational seminars and more. My professional role in CuencaHighLife has always been limited to advertising and managing the tech department. Still, as co-owner of CuencaHighLife, I want to extend my apologies to our entire readership for the publishing of this morning’s article.

I appreciate everyone’s loyalty and especially your quick emails to me which keep us inline in publishing content that is of service to the community that we all form part of.

Jonathan Mogrovejo
General Manager

13 thoughts on “Dear CuencaHighLife readership …

  1. I read the article and was disgusted with it. This man konderla is an overt racist and seems to be a narcissist as well. When he’s not telling you how great he is, he is spouting his hatred. He revels in his own racism and actually flaunts it. To not condemn this man is to overtly abet his sickness.

  2. I am sorry but this was not a sincere apology. The article was indeed racist and your apology only passed the buck to someone else. The buck stops with the ownership whether that be 100% or 50%. CHL needs to issue a formal apology and an assurance that these types of racist articles will never be printed again.

  3. Typical of the Cuenca crowd. Attack the man personally, name call etc. While I agree that the focus should be on Ecuador, that said, you decided to print the article so to grovel for forgiveness now makes no sense. Stand by your decisions and move on. I doubt this caused anyone any harm. But some people love to be outraged and spend their days looking for reasons. To apologize to that is gutless and pandering.

  4. So only politicly correct speech will be tolerated on CHL…..How can you fully understand any topic without conversations from both sides??? Especially when one side refuses to engage.

    1. We certainly don’t need to hear from racists. konderla is a stinking racist plain and simple.

  5. Ed Konderla’s article did not create division among your readers. If they are from the US, the division was already there. It’s messy to bring it up on a Ecuadorian site like CHL, but it must be interesting as heck for those Ecuadorians in the audience reading it.
    I noticed most of the anti-Ed comments were personal attacks and did little to refute his premise. I hope you know that just divides us more. I have a question, Jonathan. Did a bunch of calls threatening to cancel sponsorship have anything to do with this apology?

  6. I have always appreciated the open and wide-ranging articles that CHL chooses to print. In an era of rapidly increasing limitations of what is deemed acceptable, politically correct speech, safe spaces, snowflakes, and the wanton destruction of virtually all historic statuary and references to any historic figure deemed unacceptable in the eyes of the current hooligan juries, CHL’s fearless publication of opinion pieces from widely disparate voices is a welcome change.

    If readers want nothing but uncontroversial news, they should opt for CHL’s sister publication, the Cuenca Dispatch, which promotes itself as never printing “negative news.” For those of us with open minds who don’t mind being challenged to look at issues differently and to entertain ideas that may at times rub us the wrong way, I’m grateful to CHL and David Morrill for his editorial discretion.

    The bloody shirt that Konderla waved yesterday obviously triggered a lot of anger and outrage. Sadly, the question isn’t whether or not the subculture he described exists but rather how to fix it. It seems obvious that the War on Poverty, affirmative action and all the myriad programs that have been constantly amplified since the 1960’s have barely moved the needle.

    How do we fix a problem if we choose to ignore it or refuse to acknowledge that it exists? Does racism exist? Hell, yes, it exists. But is racism truly the problem, or could the cause actually be multifactorial, much broader and much deeper?

    That’s where this discussion should lead. You can’t fix a problem if you don’t acknowledge it and aren’t willing to talk about it honestly.

  7. I appreciate your owning the poor choice of running the article. Yes, people have the right to “free speech”, however Konderla’s opinion was not aligned with the readership of Cuenca High Life. It was so overtly discriminatory that I decided to skip commenting..because if this is how the Expats feel they’re not going to be changed by my commentary. Makes me wonder what he thinks about the Ecuadorian /Indigenous Cultures. Ugly , white , foreigner…unfortunately, he fits right in with many ignorant and arrogant people in the world. His blaring lack of understanding of the historical events that have influenced and shaped the Black American experience were completely and most calculatedly ignored.

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