Dear CuencaHighLife readership …

Jun 19, 2020 | 13 comments

Dear CuencaHighLife readership,

The goal of the CuencaHighLife publication is to keep the expat community in Cuenca and all of Ecuador informed on what is going on in Ecuador when it comes to politics, economics, laws, etc. We have also always made a strong effort to publish articles informing our readership that does not yet live in Ecuador about what life is like here. We have always done our very best to be of service to the expat community.

This morning an article was published that, in my opinion, was not of service to the expat community. CuencaHighLife has always tried to publish multiple sides and opinions on different subjects to stimulate ideas and debate. This morning’s article instead created division among our readers.

Many of the CuencaHighLife readership have met me personally and worked with me with advertising campaigns, not for profit events, informational seminars and more. My professional role in CuencaHighLife has always been limited to advertising and managing the tech department. Still, as co-owner of CuencaHighLife, I want to extend my apologies to our entire readership for the publishing of this morning’s article.

I appreciate everyone’s loyalty and especially your quick emails to me which keep us inline in publishing content that is of service to the community that we all form part of.

Jonathan Mogrovejo
General Manager

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