Dental Tourism: The Best Way to Save Your Family & Friends Big Money

Jan 3, 2024 | 0 comments

A person’s smile is the very first thing that others see when they meet or visit with their family, friends, colleagues or new acquaintances.  Some people are simply born with a great set of teeth, which allows them to have a beautiful smile.  While others’ only opportunity to have the same, is usually to spend many thousands of dollars at their local North American dentist’s office, which such type dental work generally needs to be done over just as many days and/or during working hours.

*Alas, there is now a very excellent alternative*

That is to say, a ‘not so new’ concept, commonly known as “Dental Tourism”, has now-a-days become a highly favored activity among Dental vacationers and ordinary travelers alike, so as to SAVE 60-90% on the cost of their dental work, while simultaneously enjoying a great time on their trip abroad as well.  And notably at that, to a destination which is one of the crowned jewels of South America – that being to our world renowned city of ‘Cuenca, Ecuador’, where travelers receive their Dental Care at any number of Dental Clinics that specialize in Dental Tourism here in Cuenca, while they enjoy all of the amazing wonders that Cuenca and Ecuador as a whole have to offer any visitor flying in from North America!

Thus, as the saying goes, “what’s good for the goose is also good for the gander”, your family & friends can simply take one or two weeks to fly to Ecuador on a “Dental Vacation”, to receive top flight American standard of dental care, provided by fully English speaking dentists and office staff, all at a mere fraction of the cost (once again between 60-90% less) than would otherwise need to be paid to any North American Dental office who your family or friends would have alternatively used and/or needed to visit during working hours.

And still all the while, your family or friends are able to have a ball of a time during their Dental Vacation, as they tour thousands of years worth of ancient civilizations, visit and swim in geothermal heated pools & spas, walk and tour “sky high” cloud forests – including if additionally desired by them, even take an extension trip to the world famous “Galapagos Islands” of Ecuador as well! Plus, as any Ecuador Expat already well knows, the American dollar is the only currency used in Ecuador for any and all purchases, so there is never any need for your family or friends to exchange money, nor incur any additional charges through the plain and ordinary use of their own North American credit cards, while on Dental Tour in beautiful Ecuador.

As far as logistics go for the trip, North Americans ONLY need their valid (unexpired) Passport to fly to Ecuador, and so NO visas or any associated paperwork is required in advance of making their way to sunshiny Cuenca, Ecuador.  To commence the trip itself, one usually books a flight either via “American Airlines”, “Avianca” or “COPA Air”, for a 3 to 4 hour trip via jet plane, which costs well under $1000 (in fact often costing only around $500 in total for a round trip flight to Ecuador!).  One’s international flight generally departs from either Miami or Fort Lauderdale (Houston, Los Angeles and New York are available departure points), and arrives to usually Guayaquil, Ecuador, where an English speaking Taxi Mini-Bus can greet and pick them up with their luggage inside the airport terminal building, while holding a white sign with their printed name on it, to take them on a majestic drive via Ecuador’s gorgeous Cajas Mountains, to their final destination in Cuenca, which can either be at your own Cuenca area residence, or alternatively, at any number of very modern downtown Cuenca hotels which boast excellent WIFI and which usually cost under $50 per night – that price also typically includes a complimentary hot American style breakfast each morning too (plus all guests generally have free use of their selected hotel’s kitchen/refrigerator and on site facilities at any hour of the day or night).  A complimentary Ecuadorian cell phone is usually provided free of charge to all Dental Tourists by genuine Dental Tourism Clinics in Cuenca as well, which allows any Dental Tourist to make local calls from day or night, including even just to query the staff at their selected Dental Tourism Clinic, as per any directions or suggestions for great local Restaurants, Laundromats, or touristic places in and around Cuenca that they might visit while on foot or in taxi.

Most Dental Tourists from North America are those who simply seek/sought better and less costly dental treatment options than are or were available to them in North America for their Dental Care, all while having and enjoying a wonderfully fun vacation to Cuenca and the rest of Ecuador at their leisure — plus of course the ability to spend some quality time with any Ecuador Expat family member or friend whom already lives here, thereby in such case also serving as a combination “favor/reunion” that’s all wrapped up into one highly memorable trip!

Adam Elliot Altholtz ("Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic")

Adam Elliot Altholtz serves as the Administrator & Patient Coordinator of the “Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic”, along with his fellow Expats' beloved 'Dr. No Pain', right here in Cuenca, Ecuador, and for purposes of discussing all your Dental needs and questions, is available virtually 24/7 on all 365 days of the year, including holidays. Adam proudly responds to ALL Expat patients from at least 7:00am to 9:00pm Ecuador time, again every single day of the year (and once more even on holidays), when you write to him by email at and also by inquiry submitted on the Dental Clinic's fully detailed website of for you to visit any time, by day or night. Plus, you can reach Adam directly by WhatsApp at +593 98 392 9606 or by his US phone number of 1‐(941)‐227‐0114, and the Dental Clinic’s Ecuador phone number for local Expats residing in Cuenca is 07‐410‐8745. ALWAYS, you will receive your full Dental Service in English (NEVER in Spanish), per you as an Expat either living in or desiring to visit Cuenca by your Dental Vacation, plus also to enjoy all of Ecuador's wonders that are just waiting for you to come arouse and delight your senses.

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