Diá largo: Forty afternoon winks

Aug 5, 2016 | 10 comments

By Brian Buckner

In Ecuador, the siesta is generally observed between one and three in the afternoon. However, nobody seems to really be counting. Naps, cat or otherwise, are grabbed whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Dia Largo_1236 2The indigenous peoples of Ecuador maintain an elevated work ethic.  They take much pride in their work. It’s not just about being willing to work; it’s about wanting to do a great job of the task at hand.

Their days begin very early, long before the sun is placing pink tips on the clouds.  And, they end late. The indigenous people I see are in the streets still working after dark each day. And, on those mornings where I am an early riser, they are waiting for me when my feet hit the pavement.

chl brian col logoSo, it’s no wonder that after a morning that probably began at three, it’s time to grab a little shut-eye when you can. This lady had been up hours before dawn preparing floral and foliage offerings for the Palm Sunday worshippers. Her workshop was simply a little piece of concrete sidewalk along the south edge of the New Cathedral. There, joined by many like herself, she assembled and vended her products from before light into the late afternoon.

I’m glad my path brought me to her that afternoon. She reminded me of my sweet grandmother who always rose early and stayed up late making sure that the needs of her family were met before her own. She picked cotton in east Texas as a younger woman with my mama at her breast.

My hat is off to this woman and all the other hard working women of the world that keep this big green and blue globe spinning!

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