Digging up bones, Hydro electric power, Dead expat, Hygiene problems with street vendors, Walk to Cumbe

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Martes, 19/9/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Caminata – The 7th walk to the cerro Baguanchi (Baguanchi Hill) will be el sábado a las 8:00. The “Caminata por al Geogreafía Sagrada de Cumbe” (Walk to the Sacred Geography of Cumbe) will meet in Pumapungo (av. Huayna Cápac).

Cine – The film “La primera es la que deviene” (The first is the one that becomes) by 14 year old Antoine Coinel, will be presented el jueves a las 19:00 in the auditorium at CIDAP. Free.

Teatro – “Amor de Don Perimplín con Belisa en al jardín” (Love of Don Perlimplín with Belisa in the garden) <Sounds classier than in the back seat of your Dad’s Ford.> will be played from 22-29/9 in La Guarida Centro Cultural (Mariscal La Mar y Luis Pauta). Tickets on sale at La Guarida.

Talleres – “La Komuna” Collective (on the stairs to Otorongo) will have workshops in Microcuento and bookbinding mañana and jueves a las 16:00. Directed to the general public. Donation: $3.00.

Articles about –

Stained glass restoration – 88 stained glass windows in San Alfonso that arrived in Cuenca in 1881 are being restored by architect Fernando León. The project started 8 years ago <even longer ago than the Tranvía> with research that yielded 11,400 pages <that’s like 35 books> of history, simbology, photos and other information about each window. The restoration work started last April and will take 2 years.

Book launch – “Retrato de un tiempo mágico” (Portrait of a magical time) by Francisco Andrade Espinoza will be launched mañana a las 19:00 in the Museo de la Ciudad (Gran Colombia y Benigno Malo).

Taller de Improvisación – The Improv. Workshop will start mañana a las 18:00 in the “Salida de Emergencia Galería” (calle La Condomine y Bajada de El Vado). The workshop will run for 2 weeks, starting mañana with classes on lunes, miércoles y viernes a las 18-20:00 and ending 4)10. Register until mañana. Cost: $40.00.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Adjudican contrato a consorcio francés (Contract awarded to French consortium) – See today’s article in CHL for details.

Referendum – Pres. Moreno confirmed that he will call for a “consulta popular” (referendum) and announce the contents on 2/10. He is also asking for the population to send their questions about subjects in which they are interested by 26/9. <An opportunity for all you dissatisfied gringos to send in your ideas about how to fix Ecuador – or at least the little part of it that affects you directly.>

Femicide – 112 women have been killed violently so far this year. <Saturday’s paper had an article about a man who stabbed his girlfriend on a bus. He was sentenced to 34 plus years if I remember correctly.>

House for sale – A cooperative in liquidation is selling a house on Florencia Astudillo between Federico Malo and Solano for $504,054. It has 574.5 sq. m. of land and 389.7 sq. m. of construction. <If it’s a news article, that wouldn’t be gringo pricing.>

Bones – Archeologists are studying human bones and foundations in a back patio and two buildings at the old Seminario San Luis off calle Santa Ana. They think the area is part of an old Jesuit temple.

San Francisco Plaza – Archeological studies are also being done at SF Plaza in the side closest to General Torres.

Hygiene classes – 20 street vendors selling medicinal waters and shaved ice got training to improve their hygienic practices. A U. of Cuenca study had detected the presence of coliform bacteria which could affect health. <Good. I can still eat street food and now it will be even safer.>

Extranjero muere en el cento de Cuenca (Foreigner dies in the center of Cuenca) – A 75 year old US citizen, Robert, was found dead in the Edificio San Francisco. About 8:00 yesterday morning, Police, Criminal Investigators, and Legal Medicine Investigators entered the apartment and found the deceased lying on the floor. An autopsy is being performed and a confirmation of death from natural causes won’t be issued until the autopsy results are received. The owner of one of the ground floor shops said Robert had lived in Cuenca about 5 years and had health problems from cirrhosis, caused by the continual ingestion of alcoholic beverages. He worked on line and had a wife who lives in the US and who visited him periodically.

Trueque cañari – The 3d Cañari Barter was held in the community of Junducucho de Quilloac el pasado sábado. The agricultural producers in this area barter with communities from coastal Cañar. About 30 producers in the areas of Javín Zhucay and Voluntad de Dios were transported by Cañar Province vehicles. Soon the organizers want to do a general trueque so citizens in the urban areas can participate. <So what do you grow, raise, or make that someone from the country would trade you something for it?>

Clean energy oil production – A plan to reduce operating costs in oil production by powering oil camps with hydroelectric power was presented by Petroamazonas EP and the Corporación Eléctrica Nacional (CELEC EP). That will allow for only clean energy in one national park.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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