DINING WITH PENNYPronto Tacos knows how to do Mexican right!

Feb 15, 2009 | 0 comments

This little nook of a restaurant packs a giant south-of-the-broder flavor whallop!

Tucked away behind the soccer stadium on Calle Peralta, just off Av. Solano and Av. Remigio Crespo, I had passed Pronto Tacos many times and thought “I wonder if their food is any good.” You see, having been raised in Southern California, so my Jones for Mexican food was established early in life…in high school we hung out at a place called The Bean Hut that had the best Salsa you have ever tasted.

After living in Central and South American countries for four years, I gave up on getting good Mexican food (except when I travel to Mexico). Thanks to Bryan Eaton’s Gringo Tree tip, I finally gave Pronto’s a try. Now, I am happy!!!

Start off with a very nice Margarita, while you peruse the menu and enjoy the tasty homemade chips with little pots of guacamole, refried beans and two kinds of Aji Salsa. The menu isn’t huge, but it has plenty to tempt your pallet in a very authentic Mexican way. I’d suggest also ordering a side of guacamole with your meal,  because it is soooo good you’ll want to slather it thickly on your food.  One portion is ample for two people to share. Food is prepared fresh to order right at the counter, where four different types of salsas are available for dressing your dish;  salsa verde, picante, pico de gallo and rojo.

Don’t expect your tacos to be served a la Taco Bell. They are small and open faced, and come two to an order in beef, chicken, pork, vegetarian and mixed ($1.50-$2). The burritos are ample in size and very, very tasty in both beef and chicken versions ($3-$3.50) with a lettuce/tomato side. The fajitas come in various meats ($3.25-$8), and there’s a cheese quesadilla for $1.65. esserts include arroz con leche, fresas con crema and flan ($1.20-$1.50). Beverages include sodas, waters, juices, beer (Corona for $1.50 or local beer for $1), tequila and, as I said before, very nice margaritas. There are a couple of dishes and drinks that weren’t familiar. I leave the experimentation to the reader.

Seating at Pronto’s is in the main room, or the side dining room. A vacant restaurant next door is used for overflow seating.

Pronto Tacos is located on Ave. Jose Peralta (this street runs into the back side of the stadium, as you are coming from Millennium Mall, Fybeca or SuperMaxi) at Ave. El Stadio, right next to Anos 80 nightclub (by the way…..if you haven’t heard of Anos 80 it is a night spot that caters to a more mature audience and plays American music from the 80’s). Caution: On game nights traffic is stopped a block away, so you’ll need to walk a block to/from your car or taxi. Open every day from 12 noon to 10 p.m. Phone: 09-172-7185.

Photo caption: Pronto Tacos is a half a block from the stadium and the staff are eager to serve you; photo credit: Penny Ripple


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