Dog torture case gets international social media attention but the owners call it a ‘terrible misunderstanding;’ investigation continues

Apr 23, 2015 | 3 comments

Photographs of a dog allegedly being dragged to its death behind a car in Tosagua have sparked international outrage after hitting the social media. President Rafael Correa and Ecuador’s Interior Minister, José Serrano, have called for “swift justice” to be brought to bear on the perpetrators.

Social media picture of dog being dragged behind car.

Social media picture of dog being dragged behind car.

The case become more complicated Wednesday afternoon when the owners of the dog came forward to say that the incident was a “terrible misunderstanding” and that the dog, named Tiger, was already dead before it was dragged. They say the dog’s body, secured by a rope, slipped off the car trunk unknown to the driver. The owners say they have received death threats through social media and have requested police protection.

Authorities say they are unsure of the owners’ story and continue to investigate the case.