Domingo, 11/9/2016: Intercultural Festival, Man and woman shot, European movie festival, Cuenca flights resume

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Alianza Francesa de Cuenca – From 12-18/9, the Alianza will be scheduling a series of cultural events.  On Tue, 13/9 will be the Martes de Cine Francés (French Movie Tuesday) at 19:00 in their auditorium.  This Tuesday’s offering will be Quai D’Orsay.

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“Ruta de Museos en Familia” – Between 14/2/2015 and 28/8/2016, 3036 people have participated in the Museum Route with Families.  The Ruta is on Sat. and Sun. from 10-13:30 and the tour and entries to the museums are free.  A 48 passenger bus picks up attendees in Parque Calderón in front of the Catedral Vieja with stops at the following museums: Economuseo Casa del Sombrero, Catedral Vieja, Remegio Crespo Toral, Centro Cultural Quinta Bolívar, La Casa de Chaguarchimbana, Casa de las Posadas, Museo del Arte Moderno, and the old Escuela Central La Inmaculada.

Casa de la Cultura de Ecuador (CCE) – The Artes Escénicas (Scenic Arts) de la CCE is holding two intensive seminars from 12-20/9 with hours from 18-20:00 each day. The Acting seminar will teach the Meisner Technique, and the Dance seminar the Release Technique.  Register at the CCE.  Must be over 15.   Cost: $40.00.

An ad from the municipality for the Festival Intercultural – This festival runs from 14-17/9 with the following activities –
Jazz Concert – Thu., 15/9 at 19:30 in the Teatro Sucre
Presentation by the Circo Social and the Casa de la Juventud
on Fri, 16/9 at 16:30 in the Mall del Río.
Festival closing – Sat.,17/9 at 11:00 in the Museo de la Ciudad
(Antiguo Escuela Central)
The following restaurants are participating in the Festival Gastronómico Internacional with various promotions: La Yunta (Panamerica Sur km 7), Pedregal Azteca (Estevez de Toral 8-60 (? – the print is white on black, tiny and almost unreadable so addresses might not be accurate), La Parrillada de Hector (Autopista Cuenca-Azogues), Sakura (Manuel María Palacios 121 y Remigio Crespo), Doña Mary (Pichincha 7-71 y Lorenzo Piedra), El Fogón de Ana (Tomas Ordóñez 5-58), La Cilindrada (under the Estadio next to KLM), Déjame qu te Cuente (Luis Moreno Mora 3-23), Arrecifes (Francisco Moscoso 1-16), Empanadas el Huaso (12 de Oct. y Gaspar de ?????), Pinkgarden (10 de Agosto 3-719), and Sucre Sale Café (Luis Cordero 8-74 y Sucre).

Otras cosas –

Titular – 3 puntos para que el Cuenca siga arriba (3 points that take Cuenca up – but that translation’s mostly a wild guess)  With yesterday’s win, Cuenca maintains its 3d place standing in the nacional championships.

Titular de Sabado – Miércoles reanudan vuelos en el La Mar (Flights to La Mar resume Wed.)  A test flight on Fri. was successful.  Once the friction tests have been proven effective, the ban on operations when the runway is wet will be lifted.  The mayor said he will contact the U. of Cuenca to do a meteorological analysis of various zones for relocating the airport.  The contingency plan for transporting passengers by bus will be maintained at most until the middle of next week.  (I saw an ATrain bus today – fancy graphics on the bus – so why couldn’t they have paid the same attention to ticket sales booths?)

Parque la Libertad – Bidding to select a contractor for the first phase of the park, located at the site of the old men’s social rehabilitation center, is in process.  The first phase will include the green space with trees, a plaza and fountain.  In the 2nd phase, the old jail building will be remodeled with a pharmacy, payment center, restaurant, movie theater, and rooms for games and reading.  The 3d phase is to build a lookout platform and tower that takes advantage of the site’s slope.  The 4th phase will build floor space for municipal offices associated with the park. For more details, see article in Saturday’s CHL.

Man and woman shot – A man and woman walking along Rafael María Arízaga at Manuel Vega were shot at 16:30 yesterday.  The man was hit at least 7 times and died when he arrived in the hospital. The woman was hit 3 times and is in the hospital.  Police are treating the shooting as part of the drug dealing in the area and are reviewing the security cameras.

Festival Eurocine 2016 – All of you cinephiles can take a “viaje al país de las fronteras invisibles” (trip to the country of invisible borders) with this festivals which will project 55 European films from 22/9 to 15/10 in different cities of Ecuador.  (Be patient – the paper will probably announce the films on the day of the screening which you will read about the following day.  Or you could go to on the 21 and 22 and look for yourself.)

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