Domingo, 13/12/2015: Christmas market, Paseo del Niño, early New Year’s fire

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Taller – the Alianza Francesa will have a French gastronomy workshop on Sat 19/12 from 9-12:30.  Register at 2825-298.  (You could probably do it in French if your Spanish isn’t up to a phone conversation.) Cost: $15.chl jeanne logo

Teatro – the play “Un pueblo llamado desesperación” will be performed this coming Wed and Thu at 20:00 in the Teatro Sucre.

Mercadito – a Mercadito Navideño (Little Christmas Market – “ito” is a very Cuencanan diminuative suffix.  How often have you been invited for coffee vs. por un cafecito?  At the market a librita (from libra – one pound) of something will cost un dolarito.  “Ito” is your Cuencanan syllable for the day – or your silabito.) will be  on 19/12 from 9:30 on the terrace of the Complejo Patrimonial Todos Santos to showcase artesanal products.

Articles about –

The Paseo del Niño Viajero  which started in the 1930’s and 40’s. In those years, Cuenca was a small town and the calle La Condomine connected the city with the country. (I wonder if the decorated cars then were really wagons drawn by horses.)

The Puerta de la Misericoria (the Misericordia door. I looked up misericordia – it’s to do with mercy and not with misery. A “false friend” and not a cognate.) was opened 12/12 at 9:30 at the Catedral de La Inmaculada (the New Cathedral).  The door was opened to calle Sucre during the eucarist as a signal of the good coming in and the bad going out. (Sounds sort of like feng shui.)

The Alianza Francesa will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2016 with cultural and artistic activities. The first is a call for anyone who has a visual art project to exhibit and is looking for a space. Present your proposal at their offices until 15/1/2016. Other projects include “Conoce las máscaras de su cultura” (Know the masks of your culture) which will include an exhibit on 7/1/2016 in the Museo Pumapungo at 19:00.  A conference and workshop for adults will be Wed, 13/1/2016 at 17:30 followed by one for kids on 16/1 at 10:00, both in the Alianza Francesa auditorium. On Wed, 13/1 and Sat, 16/1, both at 12:00, there will be “encuentros” (meetings) in the parque De La Madre.

“Serafina, la trucha aventurera” (Serafina the adventurous trout), a book by Oswaldo Encalada.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Un histórico acuerdo mundial deja COP21 (COP21 leaves a historic global agreement).  Daniel Ortega, Ecuador’s Minister of the Environment took the agreement as an instrument with which developing nations (sean) could/might be compensated for their environmental services and he wants an international tribunal to supervise this.  (He used the subjunctive “sean” which indicates that this might or might not happen.)  (My money is on it not happening as long as big oil has a chokehold on the US.)

A fire – at a house burned 150 monigotes.  (Happy early New Year!) The fire department said the New Year dummies were improperly stored and an investigation is under way.  (Pity the family that’s lost their stock for this year. This would be like the Christmas store burning down at Thanksgiving. Not enough time to recover.)

Durán – has joined the UNESCO’s network of creative cities for its crafts and popular arts. Other South American cities include Medellín for music, Belem for gastronomy, Montevideo for literature and Santos for film.  Worldwide there are 116 cities and the network has the potential to emphasize the value of culture as a way to accelerate sustainable development.

Actualidades – (Section 1B)

Articles about –

Preventive conservation of Cuenca’s architectural heritage.

Cuenca’s Christmas lights including in the parque Calderón (this is a terrible confession to have to make, but I’ve never noticed the “pileta” (pool – or fountain) in the park.  Is it usually dry?), Otorongo, along the Tomebamba and Plaza de las Herrerías.

Tourism in Purmamarca, Argentina with its mountain of 7 colors, red roads, a 100 year old church and beautiful people

A campaña solidaria which is collecting clothes, food, toys and other items to aid people in need. You can bring your donations to the office of Radio Chaguaruro next to the iglesia (church) of Santa Isabel or call 2270407.  This campaign is organized by the Youth Network of Vicaría del Sur, Radio Chaguarurco, the Pastoral Social de Cuenca, and other groups.  (So don’t say that there is no culture of giving in Cuenca. We just don’t now about it or how it’s done.)

Amenidades – 

Cuenca Moda 2015 – fashion show will be on Wed, 16/12 at 20:00 in the Centro de Alto Rendimiento. (I can’t find an address on Google, but it seems to be a sports complex in Totoracocha that opened a few months ago.)


Cardeca – furniture – 50% and 60% off, whole store liquidation – to 21/12, 9-13:30 and 15:30-19:00 and 10-14:00 on Sat – corner of Paucarbamba y Miguel Cordero.

El Mercurio (yes, the newspaper) – 6 piece cookware set for induction or gas ranges for $30 – starting this Mon. – all Mercurio offices.

Zhiros – childrens’ clothing? – 20-50% off – 15-21/12 from 9-20:00 ininterrumpido (uninterrupted – meaning they don’t close at lunch) – Gonzalo Cordero y Juan Iñiguez (Ed. Sta. Lucia).

TCL – tv’s – 24″ for $260.47, 28″ for $286.15, 32″ for $369.62 and $338.39 – in Comercial Solis y Hijos, Electrofertas, Laran Almacenes, Almacen California, Almacen Chordeleg, Comercial Perez.  (Google your own addresses.)

SIE7E – new store in Mall del Rio in the bank area – they carry Americanino, Esprit, Holborn, and Levi´s.  (I bet they don’t carry sizes for big gringos, though.)

HidroClean – floor cleaners – liquidation 2015 with 20, 30 and 40% discounts on everything including vacuums (the picture looks like a wet/dry vac) from $100 and polishers from$150 – Florencia Astudillo y Av. del Estadio.  (I’m going to check it out – I hate sweeping and mopping.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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