Domingo, 14/8/2016: Subsidy will help update city bus fleet, ATM robberies on the increase, Calling all artisans

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chl jeanne logoTaller de Foto – A Poetic Photo Book workshop given by Jennifer Monsalve from Colombia started on 9/7 and will last to 15/9 with hours from 10-13:00 at the Casa de la Cultura.  Go to for more info.

Articles about – 

Sono – Sono will celebrate its 8th anniversary with 4 weeks of activities.  Week 1 – 15-21/8, is dedicated to independent art groups and collectives.  Week 2 will feature theater with functions starting at 17:00.  Week 3 will have a mini-festival of guitars with an expo on Fri, Sat & Sun, 2-4/9 from 9-19:00 in Sono.  Week 4, starting on 5/9 will be dedicated to music with a closing concert on Sat at 20:00.  (My guess is that there will be more daily details, so if you’re interested, either suppress your gringo cultural tendencies and be patient, or go down to Sono and ask.)

CCE – The Casa de la Cultura is having elections.  Members are urged to vote on 15/8 between 9-16:00.  (I’d be very surprised if any of you readers are members.)

Gaia – The artesans of the Gaia group had a crafts fair last week from Wed. to Sat. outside the Museo Pumapungo.

Reynaldo Pacheco – The Bolivian actor who now resides in the US went from acting in high school theater to Hollywood.  He got his first role in “Beginners,” an independent film that “nadie creía que iba a llegar a ningún lugar” (that no one thought would go anywhere- your phrase for the day) but which got to the Oscars and Golden Globe awards with Christopher Plummer as best supporting actor.

Summer vacations – There was a 15 day summer camp for people with disabilities.  100 children and youth participated in the camp which was started by a mother of a disabled child.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – El Cuenca cae al final del partido (El Cuenca falls at the end of the match) – fútbol, nuf said.

Estudio – The U. of Cuenca is doing a study to see if bus fares should increase or not.  The Cámara de Transporte de Cuenca (CTC) has asked for a review since fares haven’t changed in 13 years. The contract will be signed in mid-Sep with the study to take 90 days.

The city has delivered 50% of a $2,850,000 subsidy to the Cámara which is composed of 7 operators of the 475 buses in service.  The subsidy is to compensate the CTC while the study is being done.  The president of the CTC said the money will be used to renovate the fleet.  One of the bus company owners plans on buying 9 new buses with Euro 3 technology and will be meeting with reps from Isuzu and GM. (I guess riders won’t be taking the Mercedes to work or school.)  According to the City, 307,000 passengers in vulnerable groups will benefit from the subsidy.  (Has that same money just been spent twice – once for new buses and again for student, senior and disabled subsidies?)

Public announcement – Water service will be interrupted on Tue, 16/8 from 8-14:00 in the area of the Camal Municipal, Rumiloma, Uncovía, los Cipreses, La Merced, Praderas del Machángara, Parque Industrial, Ciudadela Calderón, and Quinta Chica. The water cut-off will be to do maintenance work at the Centro de Reserva Milchichig on Av. Barrial Blanco y Del Toril.  (I know the slaughterhouse isn’t a big gringo neighborhood, but there may be a few of you out in that direction.)

Public announcement – Starting on Mon, 15/8, the administrative offices of the new Artesan Center at Huayna Cápac and Simón Bolívar will open on the 2nd & 3d floors.  In the next few days, the EDEC EP (The Municipal Economic Development Business) will be calling for artesans who want to participate in this project. (So is it time to form a Gringo Guild of artesans – like you weavers, painters, potters, cooks and bakers, etc. out there?)

Robberies – Nationally, although not in Cuenca, robberies at ATMs have increased. The police advise checking to see that there’s nothing blocking the card slot, and if the screen is blank, it’s better not to use the ATM.

Amenidades –

Movies – as usual, go to for show times and locations.  The following movie opened this week.
3D & 2D El gran amigo gigante – Esp.

The following movies are continuing.
3D Escuadrón suicida – Sub.
2D Escuadron Suicida – Esp. y Sub.
2D Vida secreta de mascotas – Esp.
2D La era del hielo 5 – Esp.
2D Los ilusionistas 2 – Esp.
2D Cazafantasmas – Esp.
(You’re in luck – you can see the Suicide Squadron!)
Internacional –

Venezuela/Colombia – About 30,000 Venezuelans crossed over the Puente Simón Bolívar into Colombia starting at 5 am to buy food and medicines.  High demand items included flour, rice and oil.  (We need to be grateful that we live in Cuenca where there are fully stocked Supermaxis and mercados close by.)

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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