Domingo, 20/11/2016: World Spanish Week celebration, Ex-football boss heads to jail, Pumapungo Museum gets a make-over

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Pagina cultural –

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Teatro Títeres Candilejas (Limelight Puppet Theater) – There will be puppet shows for school children on 22, 23, 25, & 26/11 at 9:30 in the Sala de Conciertos at the CCE.

Articles about –

Sala Nacional de Etnografiía del Museo Pumapungo (National Hall of Ethnography of the Pumapungo Museum) – The museum will be maintaining this exhibit hall with the conservation of the collection, and updating lighting, furnishings and the flooring. The work will start in about 2 weeks and last for 2-3 months. (Will you still be able to take your visiting grandchildren to see the shrunken heads?)  Out of its collection of 10,749 patrimonial ethnographic pieces, the museum exhibits 1,300.  The exhibit opened in 94 or 95, and needs to be changed to reflect changes in national demographics.

Workshop – Gabriela Parra is leading a workshop in photographic experimentation that started on 12/11 and will run to 7/1/2017 in the subsuelo 2 of the CCE.  One of the topics will be light painting which used light as a lantern with long exposures. (Do you photographers miss film?  I remember friends doing things in the darkroom to manipulate the photo.)

Childrens’ literature – “Cuentos y Leyendas de Selva Adentro” (Tales and Legends of the Jungle Inside) will be presented on 21/11 at 10:00 in the Parque Ancestral Pumapungo.

Escuela Panamá – This primary school will celebrate its 70th anniversary with a parade to which they are inviting former students and teachers.  It will be on 26/11 at 8:00 at av. Solano and Remigio Crespo.  (I’d hate to have to herd 1st and 2nd graders through that intersection with that traffic.)

Ad – for Andrés López’s new show, Llegar a Marte (To go to Mars) will be on jueves, 24 and viernes 25/11 at 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.  Get your tickets at Almacenes La Victoria.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Trágico accidente en vía Gualaceo-Limón (Tragic accident on the via Gualaceo-Limón) – An official of MAGAP was killed when his car went off the road and fell 80 meters into the San Francisco River.

FEF (Federación Ecuatoriana de Fútbol) – Luis Chiriboga, ex-president of FEF was sentenced to 10 years of prison in a “cárcel común” (common jail – no Camp Cupcake) for money laundering.  An ex-treasurer and accountant were also sentenced as accomplices.

Yurak Allpa Zoo – Yesterday was the Día Mundial de la Cetrería (World Falconry Day) and Fernando Andrade, a professional falconer, taught students about this “arte tradicional” (traditional art.  Brainfart – falconry started out as a way to hunt food for the table, morphed into a sport, and has lasted long enough to be called art.)

Ad for – Semana Internaciónal España (International Week – Spain) – 23-26/11.
miércoles, 23/11 – Exhibit opening for “Cervantes: en paz tranquila y en provechoso sosiego” (Cervantes: in tranquil peace and in fruitful quiet) – 10:00 – open until 7/12 – Portal Regional Artesanan de Cuenca, 2nd floor gallery
jueves, 24/11 – Inversión en España (Investment in Spain) – this is a closed event
viernes, 25/11 – Tribute to the best Spanish singers of  all time – 19:00 – Food court at the Mall del Río
sábado, 26/11 – Noche de tapas y flamenco (Night of Tapas and Flamenco) – Raíces (Roots) will feature flamenco singers and dancers – Festival de las auténticos tapas españolas (Festival of Authentic Spanish Tapas – If you don’t know what tapas are, Google it and start drooling.) – 19-21:00 – PRAC

Exportafácil – The Easyexport system is a tool to export Ecuadorian products through the post office and oriented towards promoting micro, small and medium sized businesses. Go to for more info.  (I wonder if I can use to to ship Xmas presents?)

Internacional –

Venezuela – 2 nephews of Cilia Flores, wife of Pres. Maduro, were convicted of drug trafficking in the US.  The opposition is asking for a statement from the Pres. to an investigation.

Discuentos  y compras –

El Mercurio – Smart phone for $55.00 including IVA – at any El Mercurio office with the ad.

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