Domingo, 2/10/2016: More trouble with Tame, Politics and the ‘Citizen’s Revolution,’ Volcanoes, European film festival

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming agenda events –chl jeanne logo

Eurocine – Another week of Eurocine at the Alianza Francesa will start Monday and run to next Sun.  Films will show at 19:00. Following is the agenda:  Mon – El Padre (Germany); Tues – John From (Portugal); Wed – Victoria (Germany).  Free

Dibujo – There will be life drawing classes this coming Thu. at 17:00 in Chakana Coworking (calle Juan Bautista Vázsquez y Timoleón Carrera).   Cost:  $6.00.

Teatro – The Compañia Teatral Ilustres Desconocidos” (The Unknown Illustrious Theater Company) will perform “Una Recompensa Monstruosa” (A Monstrous Award) on Thu. & Fri., at 18:00 and 20:00.  (Maybe by Thu. someone will write another item saying where this is going to be.)

Articles about –

Caminata del Arte – The walk fused together the work of national and foreign artists in Cuenca.  The article mentioned the following artists with a brief description of their work:   Jorge Chalco, Maggy Peña, Evelyn Jhonson (sic), Yanda Grove, Ali Spense, Maité Eusebio, Ariel Dawi, Alberto Soriano, Pablo Silva, Christian León, Aida Yanza, Geovanny Pesántez, Amelia Earl, Cara Venn, Santiago Sutton, Lanner Díaz, Kleber Moscoso, Catalina Carrasco, Gustavo López, Garry Kaulitz, Jack Hardy, Marcelo Andrade, Miguel Illescas, Yadira Rodríguez, Jhon Moyano, Julio Machado.

“La política en la revolución ciudadana” (Politics in the citizen’s revolution) – The book by Marco Salamea is a compilation of articles and thoughts about the country. (The article is too long to translate word for word, but this book should be interesting to you political junkies.  If you find it, let me know where.)

Acting classes – Classes start this Mon. from 16-18:00 in el Sono (Borrero 6-83 y Pres. Córdova).  Cost:  $50.00.

Help needed – Painter Miguel Angel Cajilima had a fire in which his house and studio were destroyed along with his art material and furniture.  He is looking for help and will paint commissions such as murals and paintings, especially horse pictures.  You can call him at 2850-047 the the Los Tubos barrio where he is staying with his sister.

Otras cosas –  
Titular –  Moreno y Glas, binomio de AP (Moreno and Glas, binomial of Alianza Pais). The former VP, Lenín Moreno and the sitting VP, Jorge Glas, will be the presidential and vice-presidential candidates for the AP party.  See Sunday’s article in CHL for more details.

Niños de Initial vuelven a aulas (Pre-school kids return to classrooms) –  A total of 10,507 three and four year olds in Cuenca will start their school year tomorrow. (Remember what I told you?  If you’re not sure what day I mean when I say “tomorrow,” just look at the header which says what today is – the day that I write this thing.)
Airport – Flights were cancelled last Fri. night due to rain. CORPAC (Corporación Aeroportuaria de Cuenca) got an email from TAME at 8:48 saying that it was cancelling 3 of the 4 flights on the Quito-Cuenca-Quito route.  The meteorlogical reports indicated rain and showers that evening.  CORPAC’s Executive Director asked what is the motive for the two airlines to cancel flights?

Actualidades – articles about –

Interview with poet Alverto Ordóñez.

Esoterismo (esoteric something or other) – a world full of mysteries.

Volcanoes – Ecuador is a volcanic country with 4 mountains in the process of eruption. Be prepared.  (And don’t go up there and stand on the edge of the caldera and look at the lava.  It might be the last thing you see.)

La Minga – Minga comes from the quechua word “minka,” defined as collective work for a community benefit.  There are all sorts of mingas – cleaning road side drains, cleaning up parks, painting the local school, planting trees, etc.  Often the minga is accompanied by a pampa mesa.  A white cloth is spread on the ground and people bring food to share and pour or put it on the cloth – like a pot luck.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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