Domingo, 22/1/2017: Moreno leads presidential poll, French month, Midwives, Odebrecht news in Ecuador and Peru

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events – 

Compañía Nacional de Danza – The National Dance Company of Ecuador will present a program of 3 short performances, “Brecha, “Insania,” y “En estado de” (Breach, Insania, and In state of) este viernes, in Quito.  (So who cares where or when the performance is – were you going to go to Quito to see it anyway?)

Articles about –

CCE – The CCE has proposed using commercial spaces on their ground floor for artistic projects with priority for youth.  There will be a reading from the “Fulano y Zutano” poetry magazine, which was a project involving young poets in Cuenca, el próximo jueves.  A workshop, “Objeto Payaso” (Goal Clown) will be desde lunes y hasta el miércoles from 9-12:00 at the CCE.  Cost: $35.00.

Galería – A new gallery in El Portal Artesanal de San Blas opened el noche (night – adding words all the time) de viernes and has an extensive collection from paintings to fine crafts. (The rest of the article is basically a list of their stock.  Sounds like it’s worth a visit.)

Show catalogue – The catalogue from the show “Gigantes” which was at the old men’s jail el octubre pasado will be presented el lunes, 16 de febrero, a las (“at” in this context) 17:00 in the ExEscuela Central.

Alianza Francesa – Marzo is the Mes de la Francofonía (Francophone Month) and will be celebrated by the Alianza.  In mayo there will be writers reading from their works.

Otras cosas –  

Titular – Mujeres marchan contra Trump (Women march against Trump) – (See today’s (domingo) CHL article on the local march and see any news site for the US and international marches.)

Election simulations – A second simulation was carried out today at a national level and in Madrid, NY, and Caracas.  (Now you know where most of the Ecuadorians living overseas are.)

Elections – Cynthia Viteri, presidential candidate for the Social Cristiano party, was campaigning in Cañar and Cuenca yesterday.  The headline says she promises housing and jobs. (Sorry, but I’m not up to reading an article about campaign promises.)

Election polls – A poll of people intending to vote (is that a likely voter in a US poll?) was released yesterday.  Lenín Moreno (Alianza País) leads at 28.17% with a close race for 2nd between social christian candidate Cynthia Viteri (17.98%) and center right candidate Guilllermo Lasso (16.57%) followed by social democratic candidate Paco Moncayo (13.22%).  The other 4 candidates are all under 5%.  9,120 voters in 24 provinces were polled with a confidence rate of 95% and a 2.8% margin of error.

Odebrecht – Pres. Correa announced he will send a delegation headed by someone senior in his government to Brazil to gather information about the Odebrecht bribery case.

Voto 2017 – 7 candidates who are second on the provincial lists for assembly were featured today.  (I can’t figure out what a segunda candidata is  (I’m using the feminine because all 7 are women).  A substitute or alternate? And how does that work?  A lot to learn about the political system here.)

Articles about –

Tranvía – a page long history of the project.

Midwives – an article about natural childbirth, the ancestral practice of midwifery, and contemporary midwives.

University Católica de Cuenca – the U. is ready to be recategorized as a B. It moves up from grade C.

Physiological evaluations for athletes.

Internacional –

Perú – Peru made the first arrest in the Odebrecht corruption scandal.  Edwin Luyo was the chair of the selection committee for Line 1 of the Lima Metro which was awarded to Odebrecht in 2009 for $410 million.  The public prosecutor said Odebrecht paid over $7 million to get the project, but that sum probably didn’t all go to Luyo and a vice minister of communications who was also mentioned (and I can’t figure out how he was involved).

Discuentos y compras –

Salud Auditiva – discounts on hearing aids and free exam – av. Remigio Tamariz 2-31 y Agustín Cueva, Edf. Alcázar, Planta Baja – call 407 9334 or 095 886 2716 for an appointment.  (The ad reads “reserve su cita sin costo” or “make your appointment without cost.”  Does the sin costo refer to the appointment itself or the making of the appointment?)

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