Domingo 23/4/2017: Two arrests in Odebrecht case, Techno music festival, Liquidation sale, Liquor tax history

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Header event –

Book Fair – There was a book fair Sun. at the Museo Casas de los Tratados de Girón.

Articles about –

Flower show – A flower show opened Sun. in the museo Pumapungo that included a woman who uses paja toquilla (straw) to weave toys and dolls and a  rugmaker.  <The article says “hasta hoy” (from today), but I can’t see any closing date.)

Reading marathons – The 22 centers that form the Municipal Library Nework had various reading activities.

Puppets and theater – “Domingos culturales en familia” is a city program for families every domingo at 10:00 in the Museo de la Ciudad.

History – Moonshine and liquor taxes have been a part of Cuenca’s history since around 1765 when the Spanish raised taxes on liquor and “desencadenó” (unchained/unleashed)  <Can you spot the root word?> a series of revolts that left liquor warehouses and the customs house burned to the ground.  More recently, people remember when they were children in the 60’s and there was a “guy” from Ricaurte who came into Cuenca with artisanal liquor. Everyone in the neighborhood knew where to buy it.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Detienen a exministro en caso Odebrecht (Ex-minister detained in Odebrecht case) – The A.G. has started criminal proceedings against Alecksey M., an ex-minister of electricity for money laundering who is now in preventive prison. An Odebrecht attorney said that Alecksey was paid $1 million to speed up paperwork on the Toachi Pilatón hydroelectric project during construction.  <I sure hope that he isn’t accused of signing off on permits without inspections or certifying quantities.>  Also a businessman is under house arrest.

Homes lost – Several families in the Nuevos Horizontales sector of Sinincay had their homes collapse due to the winter.

Apples – The 2nd Apple Festival in Bulán yesterday, showcased agriculture in the area.  About 30 varieties of apples were for sale with 60 “flor de mayo” at $3.00.  A basket of 80 peaches was also $3.00.  <You better be ready to make a lot of apple sauce with those quantities.>  The area is good for fruit growing and also produces babaco, saxuma, and reina claudias.  Also grown are tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, sambo, Swiss chard, and nabo.

TAME fires back – A half page ad gives TAME’s reasons for suspending service and rebuts the tourist sector’s flight occupancy numbers and says most of its flyers are from business and gov’t.  It will maintain its Cuenca-Guayaquil-Cuenca route.  But in 60 days.

Recipes – Quimbolitos, chiviles and timbulos are traditional Ecuadorian dishes related to tamales and humitas.  They are made of corn or wheat flour, wrapped in achira leaves and steamed.  Go to for the recipes.  They’re on p. 5B in Sunday’s paper.

Amenidades –

Comedy – Alfredo Campo is back in Cuenca with his new show, “Grandes engaños de la Historia” (Big swindles of History).  The shows will be on  27 & 28/4 at 20:00 in the Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.  You can get tickets at Almacenes La Victoria (G. Colombia, Av Estadio y Monay Shopping) for $20 (balcony) or $15 (main level).  He has sold out 18 consecutive performances of his shows in Cuenca.

CD launch – “Seguimos cantando” by Oswaldo and Freddy will be launched on jueves, 4/5 at 20:00 in the Teatro Sucre.  Get your tickets at the El Surtido stores. Cost: $5.00.

Rotofest 2017 – This international festival of musica electrónica will be on 29/4 starting at 10:00 in the Parque de La Madre with 14 hours of electronic music.  Free.

Special insert from City of Cuenca – Accomplishments of the city are listed.  These will include wifi installed in buses the 2nd half of 2017.  It is already in 100 sites such as parks and plazas in the city.  There is a bike loan program at PRAC (Huayna Cápac y Bolívar).  It operates from 8-18:00 all los viernes and 8-13:00 los sábados. Fill out a form, show ID <Just to be safe, I’d bring a copy.  Or is that no longer the case where you almost had to give a copy of your cedula to the bathroom attendant to get in.>  and the bike is yours for the next 2 hours.

Discuentos y compras –

Liquidation – Jewelry, watches, accessories – Guillermo Vazquez – 28, 28, y 30/4 from 10-21:00 – Salón Yanuncay II in the Mall del Río Convention Center.

Savings fair – Juan Eljuri – 20-30/4 – M-Sa from 9-19:00 and Su. from 9-17:00 – Armenillas y Gil Ramirez Davalos, outlet at Av. Ordóñez Lasso 13-226 in the Cruz de Balzay sector.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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