Domingo, 24/7/2016: Ecuador pays Chevron, Peru week activities, 32 drunks arrested

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming Agenda events –chl jeanne logo

Libro – General Editor Luis Eduardo Vivanco of Diario La Hora (a newspaper), will launch his new book in Quito on 1/8/2016.  (No one ever promised you that the events were all in Cuenca.)

Seminario de guitarra – El Sono is giving an intensive guitar seminar from 25-29/8.  It lasts 30 hours and you can get more info at Sono (Borrero 6-83 y Pres. Córdova). Cost: $50.00

Today’s agenda items –

Festival Gastronómico y Artesanal de Manabí y Cuenca – This food and crafts festival in the Seminario San Luis, detrás (behind – your word for the day) the Catedral concluded today.

Articles about –

CIDAP – There was an exhibit in the patios of CIDAP with “Tejiendo Patrimonio,” traditional ikat weaving from Azuayan artesans and of Japanese origami that ended today.

Tungurahua – The book, “Memorias culinarias de la zona rural de Tungurahua” (Culinary Memories of rural Tungurahua) was launched last Fri. as part of the activities of Central Dogma’s project, “Hazlo tu mismo” (Do it yourself – I’m withdrawing “detrás” and going for this as your word or phrase for the day.  I think it has more applications – especially if you’re a wife and/or mother.).  The author wants to promote the value of traditional cooking and asked why people will happily pay $5 for a ham and cheese sandwich but balk at paying the same for a caldo de bolas de verde (green banana balls soup) which is more work, takes more time and is more expensive.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Trajes de Virgen de El Cisne casi listos para fiesta (Clothes for the Virgen de El Cisne are almost ready for the fiesta) – The fiestas of the Virgen de El Cisne will be in the parish of the same name in Loja Province on 14 & 15/8.

ChevronEcuador paid the $112 million that was awarded to Chevron by the US Supreme Court and is pursuing una orden de embargo (garnishment) of Chevron’s assets in Ecuador to pay for a judgement of $9,500 million against Chevron.  (I think Chevron should turn around and donate that $112 million to earthquake relief.  And you’re thinking I shouldn’t hold my breath for that.)

Semana Internacional Peru – The International Week for Peru will be from 27-30/7. Activities include:
Wed., 27/7 – Tour of Pumapungo with kid’s summer camps – 9:30-12:00.
Thu., 28/7 – Peruvian cooking class – Seminario San Luis (Benigno Malo between Sucre y Bolívar) – 18:30-21:00.
Fri., 29/7 – Musical presentation of “baladas Peruanas” by Son-Acústico – Mall del Río – 17:00.
Sat., 30/7 –  Close of the week – Music, dancing & food – Plazoleta la Merced – 11-16:00.

Police page –

Police control – 32 drunk drivers were caught on Thu & Fri nights on different streets. If you’re driving around with a blood alcohol level of between .3 & .8 grams per liter of blood, the penalties are a fine of $366, loss of 5 points off your license and 5 days in jail. The penalties get stiffer with higher blood alcohol levels. (Remember that in the US, you’re not drunk until you reach .8 gram per liter.)

Internacional –

Peru – Former president Alberto Fujimori presented a request for a pardon to Pres. Ollanta Humala which will probably wind up being decided by Pres-elect Pedro Pablo Kucynski when he assumes the presidency this coming Thu.  The Pres-elect has signaled his opposition to a pardon, but would sign a law proposed by the Congress to allow Fujimori to complete his sentence under house arrest.

Argentina – 100s of mothers held a “teteada” (breast feed-in)  at different public spaces in Buenos Aires in protest of a cop who stopped the mother of a 9 month old baby from breast feeding her child on a public street.  (Wonder if the same cop would have given the mom a ticket for noise pollution if the kid was crying because it was hungry?)

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