Domingo, 26/6/2016: Brexit will affect Ecuador, Grow your own, Barter for earthquake victims, Garbage fines

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Finished event –

Taller – A workshop in jazz, dance, ballet and other musical arts was heldchl jeanne logo Sunday at the Gato Alado Project (Pres. Córdova 14-43 y Coronel Tálbot).

Ongoing events –

Exhibit – “A la orilla” (To the shore) by artist Juana Córdova is showing at MMAM.

Encuentro de comunicación (Meeting on communication) – The XII edition of Tinta-Tinto, organized by the School of Communication at the UDA (U. of Azuay – pronounced ooda rather than by the initials, oo – day – ah) will be on the 29 y 30/6 with speakers from the field.

Articles about –

“Madame Rivet entre al amor y la razón” (Madame Rivet between love and reason) by Felipe Díaz Heredia, is about Mercedes Andrade Chirboga, a Cuencana who was persecuted by the Nazis during WWII because of the activities of her husband, Paul Rivet in occupied France.  (If you’re planning to read the book, you can also go to and read the article for yourself.)

Trueque de arte (Art Barter – your word for the day is barter – I’ll leave it to you to decide if the Spanish word is “trueque” or “arte”) – Several artists are working on a project called “Dar es dar” (To give is to give, or according to Google translate, It is to give) to exchange donated art works for basic necessities for earthquake victims. The project will open on 1/7 at 19:00 in the Museo Pumapungo.  The organizers have collected some 60 pieces of art.  Make your proposal to the artist based on the value of the artwork.  (So don’t think that half a roll of toilet paper is going to get you that painting to cover the wall behind your sofa.)  The exhibit will be open a week to give barterers a chance to bring the donations.

CCE – The Casa de la Cultura is waiting for the imminent passage of the Ley de Cultura (Culture Law).  (I think CCE is concerned about issues of autonomy.)

Permacultura –  A workshop on permaculture (as if you hadn’t already figured that word out) started today in the Parque Etnobotánico de Pumapungo.  Presented by architect Manuel Matheus, the workshop will cover organic fertilizer, worm castings, vertical gardens and edible forests.  The workshop is for anyone interested in producing their own organic food.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Argentina y Chile, final con sabor a revancha (Argentina and Chile, final with the taste of revenge.)  (Fútbol so all you get is the headline.) Chile won in a shoot-out, following a scoreless tie in regular time.

Pet ownership costs – An article about the costs of pet ownership.  (If you’ve got mascotas, you know what they are.)

Brexit – Britain’s leaving the EU will effect Ecuador whose economy had been improving with the rising oil prices and falling dollar. It will affect Ecuador’s ability to issue bonds.

Garbage – You can be fined from $20-100 for throwing garbage where it doesn’t belong like in the street, medians and other prohibited locations. You can also be fined for taking your garbage out when it’s not garbage day.

Solidarity Law – The law that raised the IVA to 14% to benefit earthquake victims has raised $146 million as of last Wed.

Huertos caseros (Home gardens) – An article about how to grow your own food and medicinal plants.  Start with good dirt, make your own fertilizer and compost, plant the seeds two to each hole, and water.  The intercultural technician from the Ministerio de Salud recommended not putting tap water directly onto your garden since it contains chlorine. It’s better to let it stand in a container for an hour first. Also talk nicely to your plants, compliment them since their development has a spiritual component, and never say anything bad about them.

Street openings – Tomorrow, the following intersections with Gran Colombia will be opened – Vargas Machuca, Mariano Cueva and Antonio Borrero.  The north to south lane of Las Américas at the bridge over the Yanuncay has been paved.

Internacional –

Caracas – The opposition to the Maduro government has passed the second and final phase initiating a recall.  It confirmed more than twice the number of signatures needed.

Panama – The new widened canal was opened today.  The first ship through was the Chinese vessel Cosco Shipping Panama with a width of 48.25 m, a length of 299.98 (Is 300 meters some kind of size limit – like at 300 you can’t dock in very many ports or go through various canals?), and a capacity of 9.400 containers.

Perú – The national oil company, Petroperú confirmed that there was a new spill in the Amazon region of Loreto.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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