Domingo, 27/11/2016: Drive on smooth tires and go to jail, Cuenca’s future water plans, Juggling workshop for kids

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Sunday) agenda event – chl jeanne logo

Inauguración de la Bienal – Carla Canora and Taribo performed during the Bienal opening event.  (This looks like they forgot to mention them in the other articles so are putting them in the agenda box.)

Upcoming agenda events –

Juggling Workshop – From lunes-viernes, there will be a childrens’ workshop for juggling and circus from 15:00 at the Centro Cultural Municipal El Rosal (calles Dalas y Carolina, Las Orquides sector).  Go to the cultural center for more information.  (How many of you are working towards the day when getting more information won’t be such a big deal linguistically?  It is absolutely worth all the work, and you do need to work at it.)

Workshop – There will also be a gastronomic workshop for kids in the same cultural center as above.  (So if you want to get your kid to cook, you’ll have to go there for info.)

Articles about –

Eliécer Cárdenas – Writer and novelist, Eliécer Cárdenas will be inducted into the Academia Ecuatoriana de la Lengua at a ceremony this coming miércoles at 18:30 at the academy in Quito.

“De mi sombra” (From my shadow) – This book of haikus by Manuel Cordero is being publish posthumously by his widow and daughter and will be presented on viernes at CIDAP.  (If they didn’t get the names and photos mixed up, the widow looks much younger than the daughter.)

Bienal – And the winners are.….- José Carlos Martinat from Peru won the Premio (Prize) Julián Matadero; the Movimiento GRSB, a collective, won the Premio “El Gauraguao”; Cao Fei from China won the Premio Piedra de Sal.

Día del Himno National (National Anthem Day) – 24/11 is National Anthem Day.  In 1948, Pres. Galo Plaza made it official. (The rest of the article is details I couldn’t remember 2 seconds after I typed them.)  In 1965 the military government declared 26/11 National Anthem Day.  (So who knows what date it is.)

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Fidel Castro (1926-2016) – Fidel Castro died last viernes at age 90.  (Your normal news sources will do much better than I could so go there for details.)

Monigotes y pirotecnia (Dummies and fireworks) – The Department of Urban Control has set 12 locations for the sale of old year dummies and new year fireworks.  Get them at the following parks:
De Los Derechos Humano (1 de Mayo near 3 Puentes)
El Paraíso
Virgen del Milagro
Lineal de la av. 3 de Noviembre
De Las Américas
Linea Los Eulcaliptos (González Suárez y Tahuantinsuyo)
De la Paz in Totoracocha
Other locations are:
Explanada del Estadio
av. 24 de Mayo across the street from the Colegio Manuela Garaicoa
av. De La Ópera y Circunvalación Sur, sector Carmen de Guzho
Mirador de Cullca

These locations have parking and and met other criteria such as space for vendors and customers, emergency response time, and evacuation areas (In case a braindead customer decides to try out a firework by setting it off in the tent.).  The vendors have to use canopies to protect their stock from the sun, have fire extinguishers, and no minor children are allowed to stay there.

Tires – If you drive around on “llantas lisas” (smooth tires) you can be penalized with 5-15 days in jail and the loss of 5 points off your license.  (Plus you’re driving in the mountains where it often rains – do you really want to do that on bald tires?)

Pacto – The Board of Directors of the “Proyecto Nero” and “Baños” water districts, the GAD (Gobierno Autónomo Descentralizado) of Baños, and the Secretary of Water signed an agreement for the protection, recuperation, and conservation of water sources in 3.6 km of riverbank as well as wetlands and slopes.

Articles about –

A family of photographers.
Fernando Guerrero – painter.
The panorama of customs, traditions and culture in Ecuador as a multi-cultural country.
Sports nutrition.

Se agota el agua para Cuenca! (Water for Cuenca exhausted) – ETAPA is projecting water needs out to 2050 when the population of Cuenca is expected to be 1,077,106.  For that many people, the water flow in the rivers for domestic, irrigation and ecological uses needs to be 6,365 liters/sec.  During dry seasons, the flow is only 2,941.  The rivers Cuenca takes from are the Tomebamba, Yanuncay, Machángara and Culebrillas. ETAPA has a master plan with several projects to increase the flow of water including building a dam in the Cajas to form a reservoir of 3 million cubic meters; build the Yanuncay multi-purpose project with ELECAUSTRO-CELEC in Soldados; and come to an agreement with the same company to maintain a minimum of 3 m3/s discharge at the Saymirín Hydroelectric Project; build a dam with an 800,000 m3 reservoir on the Culbrillas, conduct studies on using underground water; and have more programs to protect water sources and the páramo. (That sounds kind of antithetical to mining, doesn’t it?)

Amenidades –

Movies – looks like there’s a whole new movie line-up.  The following movies open this week.

QTM 2D – El nuevo testamento – Sub.
2D – La llegada – Esp & Sub.
2D – Jack Reacher 2 – Esp.

The following movies are continuing.
3D & 2D – Animales fantásticos – Esp.
2D – Animales fantásticos – Sub
The rest are all 2D and in Esp.
Doctor Strange, Trolls, Buscando al Demonio, la Chica del Tren, and Traslúcido.

Concierto – Mocedades from Spain will be in Cuenca on 2/12 at 20:30 in the convention center in the Mall del Río.  Their genre is pop and folk.  Get your tickets at  Cost: $40.00 and $80.00.

Discuentos y compras –

De Prati – Cyber Monday – 28/11 – 25% off fashion, beauty, home and technology – free shipping – restrictions apply –

Colineal – 1-4/12 – 20, 30, & 40% discounts.

And that´s all for today so Mañana –



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