Domingo, 27/12/2015: Ceramics show, 61 drunk drivers arrested, SOLCA mobile technology mammograms, Cuban food & music

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Ceramica – a ceramics show called chl jeanne logo“Presencia del Pasado” (Presence of the Past) in one of the galleries at the Museo Pumapungo contains historic to contemporary pieces.

Máscaras – the mask show in La Enfrijolada (Francisco Moscoso 4-31 y Rafael Torres) has been extended to 6/1.

Dibujo – large scale drawings by Andrés Arízaga are showing at the Casa de la Cultura in the Salón del Pueblo.

Articles about –

A multidisciplinary art project by 3 Ecuadorian and 3 foreign artists about mining history in Portovelo and Zaruma.

The film that opened La Orquídea Film Festival in Cuenca, “El abrazo de la serpiente” is one of 9 films being considered for an Oscar nomination for Best Non-English language film.  (Of the other 9, one is Jordanian and the rest are European. You’d think the Oscar judges would consider having a little geographical diversity in the Oscar nominees.  You’d think.)

The registrations for candidacy in the CCE elections is over.  The slate for the Frente Cultural Independiente (Independent Cultural Front – remember that the adjectives follow the noun – things make more sense when they’re rearranged into English sequence.) is headed by Bolívar Ávila Vanegas and includes 4 “vocales principales” (principal voices – like board of directors?) – Paúl San Martín, Silja María Rodríquez, Miguel Patricio Illescas (yes, the iguana man who is in the accompanying photo), and Daniel Pinos.

The ex Escuela Central, now the Museo de la Ciudad, (I’m betting that if you take a cab there, the driver will know it as the ex Escuela Central.) houses the Municipal Department of Culture and the library “Antonio Lloret Bastidas.”  More exhibits will be added early next year including fragments of clay objects dug up during the restoration and a ossuary.  (I can’t tell where the bones came from, but they seem to have been just laying around.  Maybe from the biology classroom?)  The building was a hospital from 1747 to 1822 and became a school at the end of the 19th century.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Matriculación hasta el 29 (Registration until the 29).  (If you haven’t registered your car for the year, better do it.)  If you’re detained in a road block check point thingy (I’m losing my English and can’t remember what those things are called when the police stop all cars on a road.) and your car is towed and you don’t have a current registration, you will be sanctioned, but the car won’t be kept.

Your sliver of life article is about 61 drivers who were detained for driving drunk from last Tue to Fri.  The police will keep your car for 24 hours.  (But you won’t need it anyway.  You’ll be in jail.  And why do I take so many sliver of life articles from the police page?)  As a reminder, if your blood alcohol level is .3 to .8 grams per liter, the fine is one basic salary ($354 this year, next year add $12), you lose 5 points off your license, and you spend 5 days in jail.  For blood alcohol at .8-1.2 grams, fine of 2 salaries, 10 pts off and 10 days.  For over 1.2, 3 salaries, your license suspended for 60 days, and 30 days in jail.

SOLCA – is promoting cancer prevention with a new mobile unit which has detecting and diagnostic equipment and can do endoscopias, mammograms and Pap tests.  In the cantons of Cuenca and Azuay, the most common cancers in men are prostate (26 per 100,000), stomach and skin.  In women the most common are cancer of the cervix (also 26 per 100,000), skin, breast and stomach.

EMOV – is asking pedestrians to cross streets at the zebra stripes and not where ever they want.  At stoplights, pedestrians should cross when the pedestrian light is green.  (It’s a start – if all the pedestrians get on board, then EMOV can start working on the drivers.)

“Obabaaña” – is “Un pedazo de Cuba en Cuenca” (A piece of Cuba in Cuenca).  The cultural and gastronomic center is in the tourist part of Turi.  Live music on Fri, Cuban food every day. Hours – Thu to Sat – 15-22:00 and Sun. 11-17:00.

Actualidades –

Articles about – 

Cuenca – a tourist puff piece. Sunken treasures – The “San Jose,” sunk in 1708, was recently discovered off Cartagena, Colombia.  It was carrying gold and silver with an estimated current worth of $2-5 billion.

Internacional – 

Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, y Bolivia – are flooding due to heavy rains.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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