Domingo, 2/7/2016: Pacific trade alliance, Street closures, Rotary Club project

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Drawing and caligraphy workshop – There will be a workshop for children and youth from 3/7 at 9:00 in the Economuseo Municipal Casa del Sombrero (Rafael María Arízaga 7-95 y Luis Cordero).

Articles about –

Opera – Somos Cultura (We Are Culture) is working on its 2nd Opera which will be “Judas.” This group also produced “Pasión a Dolores” last year and they are currently looking for musicians, an orchestra, singers and a chorus. They are hoping for an agreement with the OSC. They have talked to choruses of María Eugenia Arias, the U. of Cuenca, and the UDA and are holding an open call for choruses. <How about the Cuenca International Chorale?> Contact the Facebook page for Somos Cultura, call 099 510 0148, or go to the Saturday rehearsals from 9-13:00 at Roberto Aguilar 1-01 y av. Tres de Noviembre (sector Otorongo). They expect the production of the opera will take 8 months.

Rotary Club – <Haven’t had a sliver of life article in a while. This one qualifies.> The new 2017-18 president of the Club Rotario Yanuncay took office. Projects for the year include an agreement with the rotary Calgary-Canada to work with the UDA to treat hip dysplasia <I never knew people got that, too. Just Rin Tin Tin and his progeny among others.> and make community visits to rural zones. They have adopted a school in El Verde in the Quingeo parish, and have an agreement with the Fundación María Amor and French doctors to donate hearing aids.

Ramona Cordero y León – The Cuencana writer was born in 1894 and wrote under a pseudonym, Mary Corilé. She was director of the National Historical Archives, wrote for the “El Día” and cofounded “El Mercurio.” <There is an accompanying photo of her in her youth. It looks like the 20’s and all my attention is on her shoes.>

Otras cosas –

Alianza del Pacífico – This alliance was formed in 2011 with Chile, Colombia, México and Perú and it will start negotiating with Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Singapore in Sept. The entry of Canada would draw a bridge over the wall the Pres. Trump is going to build. In S. America, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Ecuador are affiliates.

“Yachay” – La Ciudad de Conocimiento (City of Knowledge) has a supercomputer to develop scientific research. It was financed by the Gov’t of Spain.

Odebrecht – 2 more arrests were made and cases opened against the ex-manager of Petroecuador and a shareholder in 22 off-shore businesses, 11 of which are in the process of dissolution. The ex-manager is accused of receiving $202,000 in bribes. He is under house arrest due to his age (65), prohibited from disposing of his assets, and his bank accounts have been frozen. <I bet they took his passport away, too, although $202,000 won’t buy you sanctuary in Miami.>

Forest fire training – 20 members of the Guardia Ciudadana de Cuenca are being trained in preventing and fighting forest fires. The course is being taught by the Bomberos (Firefighters). Also in the class were park rangers in the Cajas. <Now that the rainy season seems to have come to an end, we get a little respite before fire season. That’s the annual news cycle – rain and landslide stories in winter and fire stories in summer. If it’s like Calif., a wet winter means a lot of fuel when it all dries out.>

Short intersection closures – Starting lunes, there will be short closures to clean ducts on the Tranvía tracks. The first section will be Gran Colombia between Mariano Cueva y Vargas Machuca. On martes – between Benigno Malo y Luis Cordero; on miércoles – between Juan Montalvo to Padre Aguirre; on jueves between Estévez de Toral y Coronel Talbot; and on viernes from Miguel Heredia to Abraham Sarmiento. Hours of work on all days from 8-16:00.

Intercultural – The article is about “parteras” (midwives), an early Egyptian history, the development of midwifery into obstetrics in Europe, and midwives in the Americas from the pre-Colombian to the Colonial to the Republican eras.

Discuentos y compras –

Juan Eljuri – Auction for motos and lots of Honda and Jialing parts – sample prices, a 2010 Amazon Moto AN125 for $490, a lot of 2015 Jialings at $850, up to 4 Yamaha Rhino YXR700F’s for $13,500 – Register from miércoles 5/7 to viernes, 7/7 – day of auction, sábado 8/7 – Old Coke warehouse in the Industrial Park (Primera Tansversal y Octavio Chacón) – Info at 07 413 4720, ext. 3007 or 099 789 6154 or <That looks wrong.>

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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