Domingo, 3/1/2016: Dictionary of the Morlaca language, More job lay-offs, Old school ice cream you have to try, Music in the park

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural –

Cuenca vive la música (Cuenca lives the music) – the Festival Músico-cultural will be on Saturdays and chl jeanne logoSundays from 11-13:00 in the Glorieta (isn’t that a nice word for the gazebo on Bolívar?) at parque Calderón.

Diccionario – the Diccionario de la Real Lengua Morlaca (The Dictionary of the Real Morlaca Language) is available at and in paper at various locations. It’s a dictionary of words commonly used in this area. (Unfortunately, you monolinguists will have to go to Google Translate because the definitions are in Spanish. Probably for Argentinean, Spanish, and Cuban tourists who can’t understand Cuencan words. Or for the monos (Ecuadorians from the coast – that word is in the book) for that matter.)

Ejes de trabajo (axes of work – areas of work?) – the management of the Ministry of Culture and Patrimony of Ecuador is channeled through 4 “ejes programáticos” (program areas): decolonization, cultural rights, cultural enterprises, and a new contemporary Ecuadorian identity.

Articles about –

Tiendas – that are maintaining the traditions of antaño (yesteryear – your word for the day, and I’m back to basically useless words.  Ones you can’t easily use in general conversation.) including one near the 10 de Agosto market.  (This is also your sliver of life article.)  The owner remembers when customers didn’t have the same kind of money they have today, and she sold things by the ounce where now it’s by pound. Bar soap was cut into smaller pieces to sell.  The other store is in the Cruz del Vado sector and is known for its homemade ice cream selling for $.25 (The kind that’s frozen in a plastic cup with a popsicle stick stuck in there somewhere).  Some of their customers who are visiting from the US will come by to recapture a taste of their childhood.  (If you went to look for the ice cream shop or corner store you grew up with, do you think it would still be there or would it be under a housing development, freeway or shopping center?  I can see all of you heading to Google Earth right now.)

A Facebook page, Cuenca Antigua, which posts photos showing the history of Cuenca. Freddy and José Luis Espinoza (same last name, but not related) get the photos from family and institutional archives and on the internet.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Ya preparan las comparsas (Comparsas already preparing) Comparsas are the groups that march in the Comparsas y Mascaradas de los Inocentes parade on 6/1/2016. It will start from calle La República and av. Huayna Cápac at 18:00 (and if you believe that start time, you haven’t been reading the CHL articles on Cuencano time, and I’ve got a bridge to sell you.).  The route is down Huayna Cápac to the Iglesia El Vergel.  The Amistad Club that arranges the parade estimates 120,000 people.  Register at the Amistad Club (Pres. Córdova y Padre Aguirre).

The economic crisis – is affecting 3 important sectors.  Autos, petroleum and construction.  31,000 public servants have also been laid off and there are more contracts that will not be renewed in 2016.

CRS – (Centro de Rehabilitación Social – jail) inmates are developing a furniture making project to make beds in the Louis 15th style.  (Jail isn’t just 3 hots and a cot here.  And they trust those guys with woodworking tools – sharp and pointy things.) Inmates are planning a small business to sell the furniture so they can contribute to their families finances.  (Well it does have rehabilitation in the name and not penitentiary.)

Internacional – 

US and Paraguay – flooding in the Mississippi and Missouri River valleys, and flooding in Paraguay which is expected to get worse when the March and April rains come.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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