Domingo, 4/6/2017: Padre Aguirre closes for plaza vendors, Tourist routes, Electric car, Alianza Francesa music festival

Jun 4, 2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Today’s (Sun.) agenda events –

Domingos culturales en familia – There was show with Magician Juan Estrella in the Museo de la Ciudad.  <There’s something every Sunday if you’re looking for somewhere to take the kids.>

Upcoming events from Saturday’s paper –

Encuentro Internacional de Artes Escénicas – This series of events is organized by the Dance Department at the U. of Cuenca which starts on 10/6 in the sala “Fabián Carrasco”. A contemporary dance work “La distancia es una línea imaginaria entre mañana uy un pie de limón” (The distance is an imaginary line between tomorrow and a lemon pie) by Ernesto Ortiz will premier on viernes, 9/6 at 19:30 in the chapel of the Museo de la Medicina on av. 12 de Abril y Solano.  <Please go, Ernesto is a friend of mine.>

“Trans-Figuración” – This dance work will be on 10/6 at 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz.

Charangos – Concerts for the III Festival de Charangos de América will be on 8 & 9/6 at 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva.

Música – The Alianza Francesa has organized the Fiesta de la Música on 16 & 17/6 with 200 musicians and groups at 12 different venues.

Articles about –

Exhibit – There will be an opening at the Museo de la Ciudad on jueves, 8/7 at 19:00 of works by young and student artists. Students’ work will be in the plastic art of their choice, but the work must be based on one of Eduardo Segovia’s ceramic pieces.

Parque Pumapungo – This weekend, some 120 Andean plants got interpretive plaques with a QR (?) code installed.  You put your phone over the code and <electronic magic of some sort> your phone will tell you all about the plant.  This is the preliminary phase of the project which will include plaques for all 300 Andean plant species in the park and for the birds in the rescue sanctuary. <Be careful of the toucan’s bill when you swipe your phone across his QR code.>

Exposición – “Espíritu libre” (Free spirit) by artist Miguel Ángel Cajilima, will open on 7/6 at 19:00 in the Galería de la Alcaldía (Bolívar y Borrero).  The show is a collection of 30 charcoals of landscapes and horses.

Gabriel García Márquez – Another writer reviewed “Cien años de soledad” (100 yrs of solitude).

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Tío de Glas habría recibido cinco millones en coimas de Odebrecht.  (Uncle of Glas would have received five million in bribes from Odebrecht) – See today’s CHL for more details.

Electric car – Students and teachers a the U. Politécnica Salesiana have built the first Formula Sae electric car made in Ecuador.  It will compete at Silverstone in England este julio.

Road closure – Padre Aguirre between Juan Jaramillo and Pres. Córdova will be closed starting lunes, 5/6 until the San Francisco Plaza project is finished.  <2020? In the 2070’s if it takes as long to build as it did to get into contract.>

Border wall – <not the one you’re thinking about> The Peruvian State Department is worried about a wall being built between Huaquillas in  Ecuador and Aguas Verdes in Perú.  It’s part of the parque lineal de Huaquillas project and is 4 meters high and has created discomfort in merchants of both cities.  <Too many Peruvians trying to sneak into Ecuador and buy cheap gas?  And too many Ecuadorians sneaking into Peru to buy cheap booze?>

100th birthday – María del Rocío Sembértegui Vega celebrated her 100th birthday on 20/5 with her family.  She keeps an image of the Baby Jesus in her room and asks him for “salud, dinero y amor” (health, money and love).  <That pretty much covers the bases – I guess you don’t get to be 100 without acquiring at least some wisdom. I wonder if that was in the order of most to least important?>

Tourist routes – Go to to see a link to the tourism routes such as crafts (potters, ceramicists, tinwork, etc.). There are also adventure routes to the Cajas.

Actualidades –  Articles about –

Centro de Documentación Juan Bautista Vázquez – This 135 year old public library at the U. of Cuenca holds historical and rare documents such as a Bible from 1559, and the notes of naturalist Aimé Bompland who accompanied Humboldt on his American journeys in 1804.

Jorge Dávila Vázquez – This prizewinning Cuencano author and professor was interviewed.

Intercultural – The article is about the Inca Huayna Cápac and his history.

Sports and heath – Overtraining in sports.

Amenidades – The Los Antares Trio will perform on 7/6 at 20:00 in the teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz for Father’s Day.

Deportes –

Public announcement – 2K race for children from 9-12 years old – domingo, 11/6 at 9:00 – Parque El Paraíso – register at the offices of Acción Social Municipal, 12 de Abril y Calle Del Batán – entertainment includes Pekeband, Grupo de Baile Conga, and more – activities include face painting, traditional games, jump castles, balloon animals, fire trucks, contests and raffles.

The XLIII Campeonato de Indor Fútlbol Mundialito de los Pobres 2017 will start on 21/7.  The Amistad Club announced the season’s schedule on viernes.

Discuentos y compras –

El Mejor Clown del Mundo –  David Larible will bring his show to the teatro Pumapungo on 17 & 18/6.  Get tickets at Ticketshow and Musicalismo at the Mall del Río.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –


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