Domingo, 4/9/2016: Power outages today, Mediation services offered, Lasso – Gran Colombia detour, Maritime border agreement

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –
Upcoming agenda events – chl jeanne logo

Dialogando Saberes (Talking about knowledge) – This program and “La voz de los sin voz” (The voice of the voiceless) are two programs that will be presented Tue. at 19:20 in the Museo Pumapungo.  It will be an audiovisual work coproduced by the Ministerio de Cultura and the Yachay Kawsay School in Saraguro.

“Jornadas de la Cultura Saharaui” (Days of the Saharawi Culture) – This program will be from this coming Tue. to Sat. with a photo exhibit about the refugee camps in Tinduf, Algiers and documentaries about the social, political and cultural situation of the Saharawi people.

Cursos de Música – El Centro Musical Santa Cecilia is restarting its music classes this coming Tue., which are directed especially at children.  More info at Las Herrerías 2-20 or 409 8202.

Libro – “Cabalgata Nocturna (Night Ride) will be launched on Thu. at 19:00 in the Sala de Conciertos in the Casa de la Cultura.  The book is a thriller about a new rich family that falls into economic ruin, a love triangle, and a crime.  (I hope you don’t think I know this because I’ve read the book.)

Articles about –
New Ley de Cultura (Law of Culture) – There is disquiet about article 23 in the new law which creates the Instituto de la Memoria Social (Institute for Social Memory) which centralizes the administration of libraries, archives and museums under the Ministerio de Cultura (Ministry of Culture).  Site museums such as archeological and paleontological sites will be under the control of the Instituto de Patrimonio Cultural, and liberaries transfer to the Sistema Nacional de Bibliotecas (National Library System).

Movilidad Humana – A short film competition on the subject of human mobility is open for youth.  The films can be in movie, video or digital format and should last 3-5 min. Fill out the form on  The films should include at least two of the situations of human mobility – treatment, trafficking in migrants, refugee, forced displacement, migration or returns and discrimination in the context of human migration.  (I can see a short film – comedy of course – about gringos migrating to Ecuador.)

“Gato Alado Projec” – This cultural center (Pres. Córdova 14-43 y Coronel Tálbot) has workshops on reiki, shamanic breathing, chacras, surgical massage, and reflexology. It also has dance workshops in Arabic dance, modern and contemporary dance and private salsa classes.  (I have a feeling a lot of you would be interested, but I bet the classes are in Spanish.)

Otras cosas –  
Titular – Clases pondrán a prueba tránsito (Classes will put transit to the test) – The contingency plan to relieve traffic when school starts on Monday includes a temporary by-pass connecting Gran Colombia and Ordóñez Lasso in both directions. There will be traffic cops posted, and for the entire month, all traffic cop vacations will be suspended so the whole force will be out in the streets.  Lasso will also have one lane in each direction open between los Pinos and the colegio (high school) Javeriano.  Bus lines 27 (Huizhil-Sinincay) and 3) to Sayausi) will return to their normal routes.

Maritime borders – Ecuador, Colombia and Costa Rica will sign an agreement fixing their common maritime borders this coming week. Many Ecuadorians (and I bet, until this moment, zero gringos) knew that Costa Rica and Ecuador share a maritime border because of the Galápagos Islands of Ecuador and El Coco Island of Costa Rica.

Mediation – Mediation has been available in Ecuador for over 10 years and its use is increasing. In Azuay, between Jan, 2014 and July, 2016, 10,509 cases were entered, 3,362 went to hearings and 2,643 were resolved.  To use the service, which can reach a resolution in 15 days, go to the Centro de Mediación in the Complejo Jucidial del Azuay on av. José Peralta y Cornelio Merchán and fill out a form with the names of the parties and a brief description of the conflict.  There are costs for some cases, others are free, and you can review them on  (So you litigious Trump wannabees have somewhere to go besides a lawyer to settle disputes.)

Actualidades –
Articles about –

Enrique Apolo – motorcycle and auto afficionado, has retired from competition.

Europe – is phasing out halogen lights.

Galapagos – is a paradise threatened by human activity.

The religion page.

La Fiesta del Yamor – runs from 2-11/9 in Otavalo. The program of events is on the GAD of Otavalo web page –

Ergogenics – Ergogenic resources for sports include mechanical, psychological and pharmacological aids – listed in the article.

Internacional –
US – There was a 5.6 earthquake in Pawnee, Oklahoma which was felt in Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas.  (Anyone still for more fracking?)

From Saturday’s paper –

Cortes de luz – Electric service outages for Monday –
9-12:00 – no luz (lights – electricity)  at Unidad Nacional y Posorja, and at Felipe Segundo y Antonio Machado.
9-13:00 – at the Autopista next to the Sixto Duran bridge, at the Panamericana Norte Km 9, and at Filipe II y Don Bosco.
10:30-14:30 in Chiquntad.
13-17:00 at Av. De Los Campeones between Francisco de Orellana y Bartolomé Ruiz
13:30-16:00 at Honduras y Barbados.

Road reopening – El Tejar will reopen for traffic on 15/9.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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