Domingo, 5/2/2017: Blood drive, Oscar film series, Landslide closes highway, Hit-and-run drunk driver caught, Candidates on mining

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Ganadores del Oscar (Oscar winners) – A film series of Oscar winners will start mañana at 19:30 in the República Sur (Pres. Córdova 5-55) with “The Deer Hunter.”

Articles about –

Interview – Dan Cameron, curator of the Bienal was interviewed.

Review – The OSC’s performance and program of Friday night was reviewed.

Poetry prize – The CCE in Guayas is holding the 19 “David Ledesma Vásquez” National Competition in Literature for poetry, with a prize of $5,000, and open to all Ecuadorian and foreign resident writers in the country.  There are a lot of detailed and very specific entry requirements so go to and read the article if you’re going to enter.  They will only accept paper submissions.

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Bienal: fiesta del arte llega a su fin (Biennial: art festival comes to an end)

Roads – The via Cuenca-Molleturo-Puerto Inca was closed by a landslide early yesterday morning at km 80 in the Naranjal sector, but reopened at 17:30 to all traffic.  (Seems like the equipment gets to the slides pretty quickly given the isolation of a lot of that road.)

Elections – Pres. Correa said that bombs will be thrown without proof until the elections, and that the Isaías brothers and the Lasso-Paéz ticket are behind the dirty campaigning.  (Then throw in the alleged meeting between the Isaísa’s and Carlos Pareja (ex-director of Petroecuador) who is also in the US avoiding justice.  So who has to win in order for these guys to come home voluntarily.  This is for all you conspiracy theorists – a new region to get your teeth into.)

Voto 2017 – Article about – Environment, mining and controversy – The director of the Frente de Mujeres en Defensa de la Pachamama and the Cuenca councilman who presides over the Environmental Commission were interviewed.  The article also summarized what each candidate had to say about the environment.  (No one came out and said, “Dig, baby, dig.” There was at least lip service to protect the environment.)  There are 3 megamining projects in Cuenca – “Ruta del Cobre” in Chaucha, “Loma Larga” in Victoria del Portete, and “Río Blanco” in Molleturo y Chaucha which is expected to yield 605 million ounces of gold and 4,307 of silver. (But not one drop of water to drink.)

1 drunk driver, 10 car crash – A driver who left the scene of an initial accident to evade paying the damages crashed into even more cars between La Merced in El Centro and las Herrerías y 10 de Agosto.  He was finally caught when a front wheel on his Chevy Luv 4×4 fell off.  An alcohol test came back positive. (He’s in a whole bunch of trouble.  Drunks should not make decisions with serious consequences.)

Irrelevant news for the day – The Department of Continuing Education at the U. of Cuenca has a course on English for adultos mayores (older adults), 3 days a week, 2 hours per class. I wonder how difficult English is going to be for Spanish speakers my age.  (I’ve been advised not to say “our” age because not every reader is an old geezer.)

Actualidades –

Articles about –

Rethinking architecture – (You can think about it or go to to read about it.  I’m retired so I don’t have to think about it any more.)

Churches in Azogues – 7 churches were described.

Club Rotario Tomebamba – The “Operación Misión Esperanza” was in enero.  A 60 member brigade of foreign medical specialists performed hip and knee operations on 13 children and 34 adults at Monte Sinaí and Santa Inés.

Intercultural – An article on the Cañaris.

Sports and health – The concept and importance of warming up before exercising.  (I don’t think they mean a hot rum toddy warm up.)

Blood drive – (Because not every one who reads this is too old to donate blood) The Rotary Club and the Cruz Roja del Azuay (Red Cross of Azuay) is running a blood donation campaign.  (If you’ve got a little extra blood to spare, I’d try at the Red Cross first.)

Deportes –

Ad for – Huarmi Runner 5k – domingo, 5/3 at 9:00 – (This is the race for women with the pink theme) – Register until 26/2 at Mi Boletería in Mall ddel Río or the Fybeca on Bolívar – $12.00.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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