Domingo, 5/3/2017: Airport study released, Backpacker film festival, Parking tickets

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

“El Observatorio de Ciudadano de la Comunicación” (The Citizens’ Observer of Communication) – The VIII Communication Salon will open, and the book, “Observatorio Ciudadano de la Comunicación” will be launched on lunes a las 18:00 in the Museo de la Ciudad, ExEscuela Central.  (They’re still hanging on to the Escuela Central as the landmark.)

Articles about –

Microtheater – The 3d season of the Festival de Microteatro runs this week from jueves hasta el sábado, starting at 19:00, in the Casa del Coco (calle Bolívar 12-60 entre (between – this is a word to remember – Juan Montalvo y Estévez de Toral). The performances are short – 15 min. – and in front of an audience with a maximum of 15.  After each performance, the attendee goes on to the next room, and someone starting the circuit takes his seat.  Cost: $5.00 per play, 50% off for seniors and children although only 2 of the 5 plays are suitable for kids.  The plays include one about a conjugal visit at a jail where the prisoner is accused of murdering his kids; “Las sirvientas” which is about 2 servants who try to kill the lady of the house; “La Traviata” which is about a deaf/mute conductor who has no musicians, only instruments; and “Pescadería” which is mixes acting and magic by Juan Estrella.

Libro – “Democracia, derechos humanos e institucionales en el Ecuador” (Democracy, Human and Institutional Rights in Ecuador) – This research was recently published in book form, and exposes the state of human rights in Ecuador. It said the Ley de Comunicación was the most “rígida, opresiva y antidemocrática” (all cognates – so you’re on your own) law of its type in Latin America, there is a lack of a truly independent judiciary.  Indigenous rights were violated as well.

Cine – The Festival de Cine Itinerante and the Cine en la Mochila (Itinerant Film Festival and Film in a Backpack) will be este lunes from 16:00 in the Alianza Francesa.  The opening film will be “El Gran Sadini.”

Women in Art – The Mayor´s office and the Department of Culture, Education and Sports is calling for entries for an exhibit of paintings and sculpture on the theme of women.  Paintings need to be no smaller than  40×40 cm. or larger than 1×1 m. Register until viernes, 17/3 at the Centro Cultural Municipal Quinta Bolívar or at  Your art can be delivered to the Quinta Bolíva until viernes, 24/3.  The exhibit opening will be miércoles, 29/3 at 19:00, and the show will run until domingo, 23/4.

Festival de Cine y Filosofía – The Film and Philosophy Festival will be each sábado this month from 9-13:00 in the auditorium of the School of Philosophy at the U. of Cuenca.  Schedule follows:
11/3 – “Buda explotó por verguenza” by Hana Makhmalbaf
18/3 – “Walking life” by Richard Linklater
25/3 – “Cuatro meses, tres semanas y dos días” by Cristian Mungui

Otras cosas – 

Titular – Odebrecht pagó “impuesto” a las FARC (Odebrecht paid a “tax” to FARC) – Odebrecht paid FARC between $50-100,000 per month so they could work on projects in Colombia “sin problemas” during the 90’s.  (Is it illegal to pay protection money?  Or just illegal to not report doing so?)  The AGs of Ecuador and Perú met to coordinate their efforts on the case.

Airport – The Comptroller’s office issued a report with several observations on technical, financial and legal issues in the contracting, execution and financing of the the runway improvements.  CORPAC is analyzing the report.  (And so can you by going to the website of the Contraloría General del Estado.  Like anyone’s actually going to do that.)

GOE (Grupo de Operaciones Especiales) – Two women made history when they joined this 417 commando Special Operations Group.  The group is part of the National Police.  This elite unit is trained in police raid tactics, close combat, mountain rescue, firearms, underwater tactics and more.  (I’m not sure how they intend to do all this in skirts and heels.  Must be their dress uniforms – for press conferences.)

Vehicle control – Tránsito cops are patrolling for “vehículos mal estacionados” (badly parked vehicles).  So don’t double park; block bus stops, driveways, handicapped ramps, or pedestrian walkways.  Stay off the sidewalks and don’t park where there’s a yellow line (next to the curb – maybe you were wondering what that meant?  How did you get your license?) or in a handicapped parking spot.  Parking in a prohibited zone get you a fine of 20% of the basic salary, and if you leave your car, it gets towed. (What kind of shape do you think your car’s going to be in by the time you get it out of the impound lot?  Especially if you had load of perishable groceries in it when it was towed?)


These are basically the article headlines.  (If any is of interest to you, go to and read it for yourself.  Just push that “translate this page” button.)

Medellín – the city that breathes innovation.

Diabetes and physical activity – It’s good for you.

Fanesca – Theories as to its origin and evolution, plus a recipe (this is a dish that has as many versions as it has cooks.  You need to be really ambitious to make this. You can probably get fanesca “kits” at the markets so you don’t have to run all around looking for each ingredient.)  The ingredients most used are beans, limas, choclo, chocho, peas, rice, peanuts, cabbage, two kinds of squash (zapallo y zambo) and bacalao.  (They’re cooked separately and combined at the end so you know it takes a lot of time and cookware.  I’m sticking to colada morada as my Ecuadorian seasonal food.)

Religion page – has articles about Lent.

Historic plane crash – the Andesa went down in the sector now known as Mercado Veinte y Siete de Febrero, near the Colegio Benigno Malo.

Discuentos y compras –

Farmacia Cruz Azul – a special advertising supplement with discounts on too much stuff to list – and family savings day – discounts starting  20% on the first working Friday of each month.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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