Domingo, 6/12/2015: Tango in Casa de la Cultura, new museum, bells of Quito

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Hola, Todos – 

Pagina cultural – 

Exposición – the inauguration of the exhibit “En la mirada del otro” (In the eyes of others) will be in the Parque Calderón on Wed, (8/12) at 11:00.  (Don’t ask me if it’s Wed. or the 8th, which is Tue.  I don’t know either.)chl jeanne logo

Premio Mercosur – is a prize awarded to encourage and recognize the work of visual artists in the region.  More info. about the Premio Mercosur de Artes Visuales at  (And don’t ask me about those forward slashes, either.  It’s there in the article ant that’s all I know.)

Presentación de la Bienal – The XIII Bienal de Cuenca will be “Impermanencia, La mutación del arte en una sociedad materialista” (Impermanence, the mutation of art in a materialistic society.)  (Would that be like buying your art to match your new sofa?  Then throwing it all out when the new “in” color scheme comes along? Actually, I have heard that some art is bought purely because it matches the room.)

Articles about –

A book in braille that is being published by María Augusta Macas who won funding from the Ministry of Culture. The book, “Cuentos para sentir”  (Stories to feel) will have 10 stories.

Issue 13 of the Magazine of Ethnography Yachay, was published and focuses on the craft of pottery from collecting the clay to the finished pieces. One of the techniques studied appears to be unique and is being analyzed to see if it could be declared an Intangible World Heritage.

Dúo Tanguero will perform on Wed, 9/12 (at least this listing has matching days and dates – I know there’s a better word, but I’m forgetting English.) in the Sala de Conciertos del la Casa de la Cultural.  The recital will use a piano and bandoneón and voice in the classic style. $5.00.

The University Museum is now open in the old School of Medicine with 186 pieces from the preceramic period to the Inca period. The exhibit will be open 3-4 months and then the pieces will rotate. Hours are 8-13:00 and 15-18:00.

The Novena de Navidad (Christmas Novena) is being held in different cultural spaces.  Mon – in the Funcación de Turismo next to the Pasaje Hortensia Mata: Tue in the Museo de las culturas Aborígenes;  Wed. in Todos Santos: Thu in Pumapungo: and Fri in las Conceptas – all at 17:00.

Otras cosas –

Titular – Danza y música reflejaron los saberes (Dance and music reflected Andean knowledge).  (If you didn’t go, it wasn’t because I didn’t tell you.)

Pres. Correa blamed the lack of an agreement by Opep (OPEC) to get better prices for crude on obedience to geopolitical reasons that benefit nations such as the US. He also pointed out that the US is in a pre-election year.  (Why would any country in OPEC want to be the next Syria?  Uncle Sam gets very upset when anyone messes with his oil.)

Una Teletón, “Cuenca Yo Me Uno” (A telethon – I Join Cuenca) raised $60,000 yesterday.  It was organized by the City of Cuenca, Municipal Social Action, and the Queens of Cuenca Foundation.  (Queens as in beauty queens.  Not the guys in gowns kind.)

Quito is rescuing its sound heritage.  In the historic center, there are 23 churches and convents, most topped with steeples.  The bells of San Francisco (what jumped into my mind was cable cars.  The bells of San Francisco are on cable cars.) are being restored along with a collection of antique choral books and the organ.

Internacional –

Argentina – Cristina Kirchner was denounced for assumed irregularities in her declaration of finances by an ex-presidential candidate for the opposition.

Venezuelans – are voting today (actually they voted yesterday – it’s past midnight) to fill 167 seats in the Asamblea Nacional which is unicameral.

Descuentos –

Not exactly a discount, but something to consider in your Christmas plans.
Hacienda Uzhupud – Christmas buffet lunch, NY Eve celebration with a supper buffet and concert by David Cañizares, and regular Sunday buffets through Dec.

El Tucumón Restaurante in the Hosteria Duran will prepare Christmas dinner for you. $200.00 for 25 people and $120 for 12 people. Menu includes roast turkey or rolled turkey with cherry and mushroom sauces, Christmas rice, Russian salad, potato gratin and buche de Noel for dessert.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –




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