Domingo, 9/10/2016: Correa meets Peru president, Building code review, Santos wins Nobel Peace Prize, Flamenco concert

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Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

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Talleres – There are workshops for children in “expresión corporal” (body expression? As if kids weren’t born with mastery of using their bodies to express themselves.) and gastronomía at the Centro Cultural Municipal Casa de Chaguarchimbana.

Articles about –

Old Jail – The old jail will be used as a space for art.  A show of large scale art from about 20 artists will open on 14/10 at 18:30 and run for 3 weeks.  (So if you’ve never had the experience of going to a jail – here’s your chance.  And without all the hassle of security checks, etc.)

Charlas – The next in a series of archeological talks at the Museo Pumapungo will be on Tue, 11/10.  Archeologist Karen Olsen Bruhns will talk about the Waris (or Huari) cultures who flourished in the Andes from the VII to XIII centuries AD and occupied a territory between Lambayeque and Arequipa, Perú.

CD – Fernando Alvarez Pasos will be issuing a new CD in a couple of months.

Concierto de flamenco – There will be a flamenco concert on Jueves, 27/10 at 20:00 in the Teatro Sucre with companies from Guayaquil, Loja and Cuenca.

Otras cosas – 

Titular –  Igualdad se inclina por Paco Moncayo (Igualdad (a political movement) is inclined towards Paco Moncayo ) Moncayo, the candidate of the Acuerdo Nacional para el Cambio (National Accord for Change) visited Cuenca and an Igualdad assembly.  Igualdad’s chief executive is Mayor Cabrera.  (Who signed a letter of support for Pres. Correa a while ago – I think he wanted federal money for something.  But I guess the letter applied only to Correa personally and not AP.)

Saturday’s news –

Titular – Un Nobel para afianzar la paz (A Nobel Prize for strengthening peace) – Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. Santos said the prize constituted a “mandato” (mandate, command) to move forward rapidly with the peace agreement with FARC.  (A poke in the eye for the ex-pres that spearheaded the “no” vote.)

Agreement – At a meeting in Macas, Presidents Correa and Kuczynski (Pres. of Perú) agreed to construct a power line from Ecuador to Chile which Perú would be paid to maintain.  They also talked about a new, more direct road between Loja and Zarameritza in Perú.  The use of Oleoducto Norperuano pipeline was offered – it is being currently under maintenance and reconstruction and will be ready in a couple of months.  That would allow crude oil from the southern Ecuadorian Amazon to be shipped from Pacific ports (in Perú?).

Building codes – The NEC 15 (Norma Ecuatoriana de la Construcción – Not the National Electrical Code) was presented and distributed to construction professionals on Fri. The new code includes sections on seismic resistant design and construction.  (But have they got plan checkers good enough to check all those calculations?)

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