Duck autopsies show that more than one dog was involved in deadly Paraíso attack

Jul 23, 2016 | 13 comments

A veterinarian’s examination has determined that several dogs were involved in Tuesday morning’s killing of 31 ducks in Parque Paraiso. Based on a statement from a park guard who was nearby when the attack occurred, it was first believed that only one dog had been responsible.

Fourteen other ducks were severely injured in the attack.

Victims of Tuesday morning's dog attack. (El Tiempo)

Victims of Tuesday morning’s dog attack. (El Tiempo)

According to Andrea Arteaga, manager of the EMAC whose office manages Cuenca city parks, only one of the attacking dogs has so far been identified, a Labrador retriever that broke free of from its owner who was jogging at the time. Arteaga says park guards are on the look-out for other dogs that frequent the park. “Some may have owners and live in the neighborhood or they may simply be street dogs,” she said. “We don’t know at this point.”

The veterinarian’s report, which compared bite marks on the dead ducks, as well as videos from park cameras, will be turned over to prosecutors next week. The owner of the Labrador and any other owners of dogs involved the attack could be assigned to 50 to 100 hours of community service based on the law, Arteaga said.

The 5 a.m. Tuesday attack occurred at a time that when the park lagoon had been emptied for cleaning. Had it been filled with water, Arteaga said, most of the ducks could have escaped. She added that the ducks are domesticated and have limited flying ability.

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