DUI arrests down 45%, Residents oppose music park, U. of Cuence celebrates 150 years, Carlos Santana

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Domingo, 17/9/2017

Hola, Todos –

Pagina cultural –

Upcoming and ongoing agenda events –

Muñecas de trapo (Ragdolls) – There will be a workshop from mañana hasta el 22/9 in the Centro Cultural Municipal El Ángel on how to make ragdolls. Open to men and women, all ages. Free.

Festival de tradiciones – El próximo sábado a las 19:00 in the teatro Sucre, there will be a traditional dance festival with Llactapi Jatarishu, Equinoccio Ecuador and Yawarkanchik Danza Festiva del Ecuador.

Improv. Workshop – There will be a workshop on improvisation from el próximo miércoles in the Salida de Emergencia Galaría (Emergency Exit Gallery). <It would not surprise me to find that the gallery actually occupies an emergency exit or part of the “path of travel.”>

Articles about –

Megaparque de la Música – The people who live in El Plateado, about 15km from Cuenca in Nulti parish, do not want the park which would be part of the Green Belt project. The land being considered has about 32-35 owners. There is one major landowner, but a the rest are small properties which are key parcels. <And whose owners would probably be paid enough to buy 5 or 6 almuerzos or one lunch in a pricy gringo hangout.>

Libro – Fernando Pesántez Avilés has written “Los palacios caídos” (The fallen palaces), set on a Caribbean island.

Libro – “El Santo Temor” (The Holy Fear) is the newest work by Nicolás Jiménez Mendoza. <Is that what your mother put into you when you broke that pitcher – full of syrup – on top of the stove?>

Otras cosas –

Titular – Oposición a parque de la Música en El Plateado (Opposition to Music Park in El Plataado) – <How about that? A culture page article has the headline.>

iPhone X – The phone was launched el pasado 12 de septiembre and will go on sale in Nov. in the US for around $1,000. <I’m so stuck in the past, $1,000 seems like what a drivable used car should cost.> The manager of the iCenter distributorship said he hopes the phone will be available here by Christmas.

Alcohol consumption – Three sectors in Cuenca, the plaza del Farol, calle Larga y Remigio Crespo, are where the most tickets for public drinking are issued. Officers of the Guardia Ciudadana patrol public spaces in the urban and peri-urban zones from 5pm on jueves hasta las 4am on domingo. So far in 2017 there have been 742 citations issued for public drinking. This is down 45% from 2016 whan 1,344 tickets were issued.

Feria del Transporte Comercial (Commercial Transport Fair) – There was a fair at the Mall del Río for commercial transport with vehicle manufacturers, tires, parts, insurance, banks and attorneys from last viernes hasta Sunday.

U. of Cuenca – The university is celebrating 150 years. <Can’t believe there’s no one who’s not just off the plane or van who hasn’t seen the banner on 12 the Abril.> There will be a parade, to which all alumni are invited to participate, on sábado, 30/9. Paraders will meet at 8:00 <Means everyone will be there or within running to catch up range by 10:00.> Marchers should wear a colored T-which indicates their departments. <I wouldn’t drive into El Centro el sábado, unless your route doesn’t involve crossing the Tomebamba between Todo Santos and Unidad Nacional.>

Demolition – The city demolished two unpermitted projects, one an illegal 3d floor in Sayausí. <The picture shows the demolition which is not being done with screwdrivers and saws, but with mauls and prybars.>

Actualidades – Articles about –

Vacationing in Cuenca

U. of Cuenca – photos of the vacant site in 1932, the first location for Medicine, and the law school students in 1917. <Plus a lot of verbiage.>

Symbols of Cuenca – El cuy, el sombrero y las flores (Guinea pig, hats and flowers.) <Nowhere does it mention the blue domes – is that a cultural difference? Food, a craft, and something from nature vs something constructed?>

Limón Indanza – The history and attractions of this canton in Morona Santiago include parrots flocking to mineral deposits, lacy waterfalls, and petroglyphs.

Health page – Sports training for women.

Amenidades –

Homage to Carlos Santana – The Sió band will play este 29/9 in República Sur (Pres. Córdova 5-55 entre Mariano Cueva y Hermano Miguel). Get tickets at the location or on whatsapp 099 590 3600. Cost: $5.00.

Deportes –

“5 K Embajadores de Sonrisas” (5 K Ambassadors of Smiles) – This 5K run will be el próximo 8 de octubre starting at 8:30 from the parque de La Madre. The run will benefit families who have children who were born with harelips or cleft palates. Register in the Mall del Río and Monay Shopping. Cost: $10.00.

And that´s all for today so Hasta Mañana –



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