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Ecuador and Cuba sign higher ed agreement

Cuba and Ecuador have signed an agreement in the field of higher education that provides for strengthened academic cooperation.

Ecuador Education Minister Augusto Barrera

The agreement,in the framework of the 11th International Conference on Higher Education ‘Universidad 2018’, provides  for mutual recognition of professional diplomas and the certification of Higher Education qualifications.

Thursday’s ceremony was presided over by Cuba’s Higher Education Minister Jose Ramon Saborido and Augusto Barrera, Ecuadorian Secretary for Higher Education, Science and Technology.

The Cuban official told ACN news agency that the agreement covers all areas of higher education, among them academic and scientific exchange, the training of human resources, the realization of joint projects, undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

He further stated that it contemplates the involvement of all Cuban universities and colleges, and all Ecuadorian universities, whether public or private.

Several international education organizations rate Cuban higher education the best in Latin America and show Ecuador’s showing the most improvement over the last decade.

Credit: Radio Havana,

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  1. Yes for education ! Too sad for the USA and its people for its turning away from and not valuing education to its people and its reversnce for its military and worship of its god – the dollar – as the rest of the world works to advance forward

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