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Ecuador announces plan to protect citizens living in the U.S. from Trump’s orders

Ecuador has activated a “consular contingency plan” to defend the rights of Ecuadorian migrants in the United States, according to Foreign Minister Guillaume Long. The announcement follows a number of executive orders by President Donald Trump aimed at changing U.S. immigration policy.

Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Guillaume Long

Long acknowledged that the move is a direct response to Trump’s recent orders concerning immigration policy.

“Although we know very little about how the new policies will affect Ecuadorians living in the United States at this point, we are mobilizing to provide the additional services they might need,” Long said.

He said the plan includes the extension of working hours at Ecuadorian consulates, the addition of a 1-800 telephone line, and legal counseling. “Most of our migrants know what their rights are but there are some who don’t,” he said. “We want them to know that their government will protect them to the extent that it can and provide the services they need.”

Long, who was in the U.S. last week on a UN mission, said he had anticipated Trump’s declarations and had consulted with legal advisors and organizations that work with Ecuadorian migrants.

“Fortunately, the vast majority of Ecuadorians in the U.S. live in so-called sanctuary states or cities that have some autonomy from the federal government,” said Long. “Trump signed an order to deny funding to these local governments but the litigation for this will take years to go through the courts. Most of our people are safe for now.”

According to Long, “Unity among Latin American nations is critical in regard to our relations with the U.S. Things are very confused right now and we hope to know more soon.”

  • Tommy H.

    Lots of speeches, amounting to nothing, spouted during the election season. Much ado over nothing from politicians.

    • Melinda Johnson

      Hopefully the American public will not be complacent and will sincerely evaluate these Trump “speeches” since he is a man of action. Some of these actions can slowly erode some of our freedoms. It happened in Europe and we are not above having it happen to us. I am concerned that President Trump has been in a totalitarian position with his Trump organization (as well as he should be in a provate corp.) and is bringing those skills to the table, which are not appropriate for a free society. History repeats itself.

      • Globetrotter

        “slowly erode”… ???? Between Snowden’s revelations and money politics some eye- opening would be in order. Trump is merely the end game.

    • Globetrotter

      Interesting, they all said the same thing about Trump’s ugly promises during his campaign. They have morphed into ugly Executive Orders.

  • Galileo

    Being an immigrant to Ecuador, where are the sanctuary provinces or cities here in Ecuador we can live without being legal?

    • Sara

      Cuenca is officially a sanctuary city.

      • ecexplorer

        Can you provide a reference for that please?


      • john

        i would also like some proof of that and the protection that would provide legal residents of Ecuador. Thank you, Sara.

      • Phillip

        Why did we have to pay $25,000 to reside in Cuenca, plus $2,000 for VISAs, etc. with a great deal of inconvenience – little of which immigrants to the US pay, especially the illegal ones? Seems rather hypocritical of Correa.
        US citizens in Ec. provide untold millions in cash to Ec. whereas Ec. immigrants in the US send millions home.
        Regardless, it is insanity to allow anyone who wishes to come to be allowed in. Would we allow just anyone into our homes? The US is paying for this.
        Before we came to Ec. it was announced that the great percentage of sex criminals in the great US NW prisons are from MX. consider the entire US. This costs law-abiding, innocent citizens a very great deal in many ways. Again, it is muy estupido to continue to allow any and everyone to cross the borders of any country. Think about it!

  • Kris Thompson

    Deport them all. No sanctuary. Send in the Feds and drain the swamp. Ecuador would do the same thing, I bet.

    • Huatulco Frank

      I agree

  • David Naccari

    Trump is not changing U. S. immigration policy – he is simply enforcing U. S. immigration law that has long been on the books and left unenforced by previous administrations.

  • Dan

    If the Ecuadorians entered legally and do not overstay their visas, just like in any other country of the world and obey the immigration laws, there is nothing to worry. What is the problem?? Trump wants what is best for the citizens of the USA, just like Ecuador wants what is best for Ecuador. Again, I ask what is the problem?

    • Hector Santiago

      Trump is a xenophobe and islamophobet trying to please the fundamentalist Christian agendas. The good thing is that PM of Canada Trudeau is willing to take refugees from Islamic countries.

  • Huatulco Frank

    what don’t these god dam illegal aliens not get about the word ILLEGAL!!…they are in the usa ILLEGALLY and have only the right to be deported by our government….

  • Romulo Maldonado

    By his own admission minister Long doesn’t know what the policies are and yet he asserts that he is preparing ways to protect Ecuadorians in the US against these policies. Isn’t that typical of politicians?, i.e. ready! fire! aim!
    “Although we know very little about how the new policies will affect Ecuadorians living in the United States at this point, we are mobilizing to provide the additional services …

  • Pa Pa Chos

    Funny this is the case

    when the government is attacking its own citizen and a British foreigner in its own soil. Fake moral high ground. True double speak. I guess 2017 can also be 1984. How about activating the consular office to help its own citizens first?