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Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama in talks to create a ‘marine protection corridor’ in the Pacific

The governments of Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama plan to designate a thousand square kilometer area of the Pacific Ocean as a marine conservation zone. Representatives of the four countries say they hope to agree on a final plan later this year.

The marine corridor will protect migrating species.

Ecuador Environment Minister Tarsicio Granizo says that fishing will be allowed in the protection zone, but it will be limited and monitored to assure compliance with special rules. “We will allow sustainable fishing practices but not over-fishing,” he said. “There will be corridor of control and surveillance to guarantee migration and reproduction in an area that connects the Gorgona Islands in Colombia, Coiba Island in Panama, Cocos Island in Costa Rica, and the Galapagos Islands.”

He said that the countries involved in the plan have become concerned about excessive fishing in the area in recent years and worry that it is depleting fish stocks.

According to Granizo, after the four countries develop rules and security measures for the protection zone, they will go to the United Nations to request international approval for the plan.

5 thoughts on “Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama in talks to create a ‘marine protection corridor’ in the Pacific

  1. This is good news!, one of the few legitimate functions of government is the protection of the environment. In sharp contrast to the imaginary concerns often propagated by control freaks, the extinction of natural ecosystems is a real environmental concern.

  2. Well crap that would be socialism !!! Corporations can do a much better job and more efficiently. End all these needless regulatory bodies . There just in ti it for the money like the climate scientists. Everybody know scientists spend 10 years in school getting their minds warped and then go after the big money in science ! Let the corporations self police themselves. End the cripling regulations. We need more jobs like fin cutters and burger flippers ! and we need less government not more. Besides natural resources are unlimited – and God provides ! What you hear on MSN is all fake news and then again God can make more fish, diniosaurers or whatever HE wants I was educated in murika and rely on God and Fox News – fair and Bill Oreily balanced. They get their facts straight !!! s)

  3. I think he “gotcha!” Did you know they used to eat babies in Ireland to help control the population…

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