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Ecuador Dental Services – We Still Like To Have Fun!

Top of the line Ecuador Dental Services and all, we still like to have at least a little bit of fun at our Dental Clinic, and so here you can see our Administrator and Patient Coordinator, Adam Elliot Altholtz, jump from the top of the world (well at least from 3 miles up anyways) in his recent Skydiving date with the Dental Gods who assuredly kept his teeth intact and sparkling white all throughout the 60 second free-fall test of relentless gravity pushing up against them, all while at terminal velocity of 120 miles per hour (200 kilometers per hour for those who speak at the speed of Ecuador)!

Adam Elliot Altholtz serves as Administrator & Patient Coordinator of the “Find Health in Ecuador Dental Clinic” in Cuenca, Ecuador, and for purposes of discussing your Dental needs or questions, is available via email at, via US phone number of 1­‐(941)‐227‐0114 or on the Clinic’s Ecuador phone number of 07‐410­‐8745.