Tourism surges 18% in first quarter as new campaign is announced

Mar 31, 2014

In announcing a new international tourism campaign, Ecuador Tourism Minister Vinicio Alvarado said that tourism grew at an 18% rate in the first quarter of 2014 following 12% growth in 2013. Tourism generated more than $1.5 billion for the economy. chl tourists3

“We are just around the corner from becoming a tourist power,” Alvarado said, adding the largest growth in tourism was occurring on the mainland cities of Quito and Cuenca. The Galapagos Islands also continued to show growth in tourist numbers.

He explained that if you take into account the entry of 1.3 million tourists and 10 days on average are equivalent to if the Ecuadorian population increased by 38,000 permanent inhabitants. It means that every 10% increase in visitors is equivalent to 4,000 people entering the economy at a cost of 37 000 individuals with basic salary.

France, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, United States, Chile, Germany, England, Peru, Mexico, Netherlands, Argentina, are being specifically targeted in the new campaign “All You Need is Ecuador” which begins April 1.

At a special ceremony last Wednsday at the Contemporary Art Center in Quito, Alvarado, that “All You Need is Ecuador” will allow the world to hear about Ecuador’s natural wonders and other attractions.

“The tourism industry is one of the few where each of us can contribute and enrich Ecuador.  Each Ecuadorian benefit directly or indirectly what tourism leaves. We all need to greet tourists with a big smile,” he said.

The initiative is part of a four-year plan to promote tourism and has a budget of more $ $600 million.


Photo captions: Tourism grew by more than 15% in Cuenca last year.