Ecuador hiring Spanish professionals

Nov 28, 2013

Ecuador Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño says that between 6,000 and 7,000 Spanish professionals have relocated to Ecuador in recent months to work in the country’s growing education and health care sectors.

Speaking at the end of a three-day visit to China, Patiño said that many of  the Spanish professionals are participating in the Prometheus program, which invites scientists, academics and retired foreign businessmen to contribute to the development of public and private universities and entrepreneurship of Ecuador.

“They’re coming from an economic crisis in Spain for good pay and working conditions in Ecuador, and are already teaching and promoting projects useful to the research society in the country,” Patino said.

He added that the Spaniards are medical professionals and educators and will contribute to improving the Ecuadorian public health system, especially in the training of teachers. He also said that they will work in four new public universities that the government is creating.