Ecuadorian products using trademarked European names ordered to change labeling

Jan 12, 2017 | 4 comments

Ecuador’s Foreign Trade Minister Juan Carlos Cassinelli said Thursday that 116 domestically produced products have been ordered to change their names or recipes as a result of the trade agreement with the European Union (EU).

Salinas cheeses ordered to change names.

Among the products affected are Ecuadorian liquors that call themselves “Scotch” and cheese that use several trademarked European names.

In one case, already in court, Licorera Ecuatoriana Liverzam Cía. Ltda., is appealing a judge’s order that it drop the “Scotch” name.

Ecuadorian liquors that use malt imported from Scotland will be allowed to continue calling themselves Scotch.

The relabeling order will also affect the country’s largest cheese makers in Bolivar Province. Salinas producer Salinerito have been ordered by the office of market control to discontinue use of the trademarked European names “feta”, “Camembert”, “Mozzarella,” and “Parmesan.” The order also applies to smaller commercial cheese makers in Azuay and Imbabura Provinces.

One of the sticking points during Ecuador’s trade negotiations with the EU was infringements of European trademarks and copyrights. After at first objecting to enforcement due to the potential loss of jobs, Ecuador negotiators agreed.

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