Ecuadorian severely injured in Brussels blast

Mar 23, 2016 | 0 comments

An Ecuadorian was among the hundreds injured in Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in Brussels. Jimmy Montenegro Rosero, a resident of Belgiam for 18 years, is recovering from brain surgery in a Brussels’ hospital, according to his wife.

Medics attend to wounded near subway station.

Medics attend to wounded near subway station.

Montenegro was struck in head by shrapnel during the terrorist blast at the Maelbeek subway station in central Brussels on Tuesday. “He is in stable condition after the operation,” said his wife, Elizabeth Lopez. “He is in intensive care but he is very, very strong,” she added.

According to Lopez, her husband is being artificially respirated due to brain injury but doctors expect him to breath on his own as he recovers.

Lopez says that Montenegro was on his way to work about 9:15 a.m. on Tuesday when the bomb exploded. At least 20 people died in the subway blast. About 60 were injured.

Lopez says she knows of other Ecuadorians living in Brussels and says many have been affected by the attacks. According to media reports, a Peruvian women was among those killed in the attacks that occurred within an hour of each other at the Brussels airport and on the subway.

The Ecuadorian Embassy is in contact with Lopez and has offered assistance to the family if it is requested. In a statement, the Embassy said: “The Foreign Ministry of Ecuador sympathizes with the family affected and expects a speedy recovery for Mr. Montenegro. We are in constant contact with the family at the Saint Pierre University Hospital in Brussels.”



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