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Ecuador’s first dinosaur discovered near Loja

A team of paleontologists and geologists from Argentina and Ecuador have found the remains of what is believed to be the first dinosaur discovered in Ecuador.

Identified as a Saltasaurus, the dinosaur is believed to have lived 85 million years ago and has been named for the area of Loja Province where it was found: Yamanasaurus lojansis.

The research team, headed by Argentine paleontologist Sebastián Apesteguía, says it will report its findings in early 2020 in the paleontology journal Cretaceous Research. Apesteguía was assisted in his work by faculty and students from the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL).

As fossilized dinosaur vertebrae found by researchers in Loja Province.

The Saltasaurus is part of a subfamily of the Titanosauruses and lived in the late Cretaceous period in South America, India and Madagascar.

Saltasauruae are relatively small members of the titanosaurus family, with a small head, long neck, four limbs, and a long tail. They range in size from about 8 meters (26 ft.), to 15 meters (49 ft.), with weights of 7,000 to 21,000 kg. (15,000 to 46,000 lbs.).

Yamana is located in Paltas Canton, in southwest Loja Province.

4 thoughts on “Ecuador’s first dinosaur discovered near Loja

  1. The fossils of the titanosaur, called Yamanasaurus lojaensis, are the first of their kind and were discovered by a farmer in rocks of the Río Playas Formation in the Yamana parish. According to a report in El Universo , the fossils were passed along until they eventually became state property.

    In August 2018, Argentinian paleontologist Sebastián Apesteguía of the University Maimónides was called in by professors John Soto, José Tamay, and Galo Guamán at the Technical University of Loja ( UTPL) to give a conference and provide an expert’s opinion on the fossils. Apesteguía
    told El Universo that he was asked to verify if the fossils came from a
    dinosaur and if he could tell the professors anything about the long- extinct creature . He could and did.

  2. There is a graveyard south of Loja called graveyard of the giants. Look up KLaus Dona, who has many incredible artifacts from there and other places , in EC and worldwide.

  3. I would like to know about the geology of the deposit. And the conditions under which the remains were preserved. Does anyone have knowledge of this?

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