El Centro streets will be turned into pedestrian malls for Cuenca holidays

Oct 29, 2015

City officials on Wednesday announced that streets between Calle Larga and Parque Calderon will be closed to vehicular traffic for Cuenca’s independence holidays, from Saturday, October 31 until Tuesday, November 3.

Officials say they are "returning the streets to the people" for Cuenca's holidays.

Officials say they are “returning the streets to the people” for Cuenca’s holidays.

“We are retaking the historic center for the people, at least for a few days,” said Montserrat Tello, president of Cuenca’s Historic Areas Council. Tello said that crafts pavilions will be set up on the closed streets. He added that one reason for the street closures was the large number of merchants who have applied for permission to sell their goods over the holidays. “I believe 700 artists and merchants will be in Cuenca for the holidays,” he said.

City transportation officials said that the streets between Padre Aguirre and Hermano Miguel will be closed, although home and business owners with special permits will be allowed to drive cars in the area. “They will be driving very slowly because of all the pedestrians,” Tello said.

“We invite people to leave their cars at home and use public transport to come to the historic district,” said historic areas committee member Paul Barzallo said. “By closing the streets we will improve road safety and provide freedom to appreciate the cultural activities going on in El Centro.”