Electronic invoices required for taxis; Cuenca holidays feature 246 events; Symphony celebrates 50 years with concerts; Cuenca air show in Tarqui; Tango night

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Miércoles, 26/10/2022

Hola, Todos –

Actividades –

Sinfónica de Cuenca: medio siglo de música (Cuenca Symphony: half a century of music) – The Orquesta Sinfónica de Cuenca was founded on 3/11/1972 and over the years it has expanded from classical music to performing other genres from rock to Ecuadorian pasillos. The Symphony is marking this 50th anniversary with a series of concerts starting el 27/10. On 27/10 a las 20:00 in the Teatro de la Casa de la Cultura, there will be a concert with Isabel Villanueva, a Spanish violinist. On el 28/11 a las 20:00 in the Teatro Pumapungo, there will be a symphonic concert of pop and rock.

On el 3/11 a las 16:00, the orchestra will interpret symphonic salsa in the estadio Alejandro Serrano Aguilar. <It needs the stadium so there’s room for people to get up and dance.> On el 11/11 a las 19:00 the Symphony will have a 50th year celebration with a solemn session a las 19:00, and a performance of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony a las 20:00. The last show will be el 18/11 with Argentine artists who will participate in a concert of symphonic tango and boleros. <No time or place given so don’t ask.>

Among the 246 events at this year’s Cuenca independence celebration are rides and entertainment for kids. (El Mercurio)

Una “Noche de Tango” se vivirá en Cuenca (A “Night of Tango” to be experienced in Cuenca) – The last tango night in a series will be at the Casa de la Lira el 28/10. There will be a free class a las 19:00 followed by a milonga at 20:00 with live music by Felipe Albornoz.

From El Mercurio del martes, 25/10/2022:
En Tarqui se realizará la II Expo Aéreo Cuenca (The II Cuenca Air Expo will be held in Tarqui) – This free expo dedicated to aviation in all its branches will be in the Aero Parque Huairapamba in Tarqui diagonal to the Cumbe roundabout el 3/11 from 7-15:00. The expo is organized by the PilotG and AeroClub de Cuenca <Members of these clubs might be even richer than the polo players – they might own airplanes.> This year there will be rides in a hot air balloon for which there will be a charge. The Air Force will be there, and weather permitting, planes from Quito will be shown.

Titular –

Ambiente festivo toma forma (Festive mood takes shape) – There are 246 events in the Agenda for the Independence of Cuenca holiday. Fairs and rides are being installed in at least 5 fairgrounds for the Independence of Cuenca celebrations. The traditional Megaferia will be in the Totoracocha complex with rides and 200 booths. The fair will start el 28/10 a las 8:00 and run to el 6/11. Admission is free.

The “ExpoFeria Cuenca 2022” will be in the cuartel Cayambe from 20/10 to 6/11 with free admission. It includes the Discovery amusement park and the Neverland Circus which do charge admission. There will be crafts, entertainment, food, and a parking lot for 250 cars. Another admission free option is the “Cuenca Fest Noviembre 2022” fair at av. de Los Migrantes y 25 de Marzo. The Election of the Cholita Cuencana will be at this fair el 3/11.

Another traditional activity will be the sexagésima novena (sixty-ninth – your word for the day) “Gran Feria Agropecuaria Cuenca 2022” on the 4, 5, & 6/11 in El Centro Agricola Cantonal. <Dirección: Recinto Ferial Centro Agrícola de Cuenca. Panamericana Sur Km.15 sector estación de Cumbe.> There will be crafts, livestock, shows of beef cattle, plants, food and performances. <Sounds like the Waseca County Fair. I wonder if the cuys will be next to the beef cattle. If they had them in Waseca they’d have been in the pet section.>

Empresarial –

From El Mercurio del martes, 25/10/2022:
Transporte debe usar facturación electrónica (Transportation must use electronic invoicing) – Electronic facturas must be issued by businesses and individuals starting el 30/11 except for businesses under the Régimen Simplificado system. Taxis are included in the businesses that need to issue electronic facturas. <The article is unclear as to how this willv be done. Does it mean a lot more emails clogging up your mailbox, or will they be issued by a fancy-dancy new meter?>

And that’s all for today so Hasta ? –



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