Expat arrested on prostitute kidnapping charges is found innocent; Judge says he was framed

Dec 14, 2017 | 9 comments

A U.S. expat arrested in September on charges that he drugged and kidnapped two Colombian prostitutes has been found innocent and released from prison. Thirty-three-year-old Jon Poland, identified as Jhonathan Matthew P. by National Police at the time of his arrest, was also cleared of a charge of cocaine possession.

The Cuenca apartment complex where the  crime occurred.

According to the ruling by Judge Willian Sangolquí, it was Poland, not the prostitutes, who was drugged and the cocaine reported to have been in Poland’s possession was planted by the prostitutes, one of whom is currently in jail awaiting trial.

According to Poland’s attorney, Diego Ormaza, an investigation is underway of the police officer allegedly involved in the crime. Evidence showed that the officer’s fingerprints were on a handgun he planted in Poland’s apartment.

At the time of his September 12 arrest, a judge ordered Poland held in preventive detention at the Turi correctional facility in Cuenca. He remained locked up for two months before he was found innocent and released on November 14.

Had he been convicted, he faced 27 years in prison.

According to Poland, he knew one of the prostitutes involved in the case and had previously invited her to his apartment before September 12. He did not know the second prostitute, who is awaiting trial.

Robbery was the motive for the crime and frame-up of Poland, the judge ruled. The prostitutes and police officer took $2,000 in cash, gold rings and various other personal and household items, which have not been recovered. In addition, Poland says he was forced pay for damages to the apartment that resulted during commission of the crime.

To read the article of Poland’s September arrest, click here. The information in the article came from police sources and was reported in the El Mercurio newspaper and on Radio Tomebamba. Neither the newspaper or the radio station has reported the outcome of Poland’s trial.

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