Expat dies from injuries suffered in a home invasion near Vilcabamba

Jan 28, 2017 | 0 comments

A writer / photographer known for his books about primitive cultures in Africa has died from injuries sustained in a home invasion near Vilcabamba. A native of Venasca, Italy, Mauro Burzio, 68, had lived in Ecuador for about ten years according to his family.

Mauro Burzio in Africa, 1999.

An obituary in Italian newspapers described Burzio as “a passionate traveler and photographer, known worldwide as the author of books and articles about Africa.” Before leaving Italy, it said, he was a professor of literature and philosophy.

The obituary said Burzio was especially known for a project, that resulted in a popular book, in which he retraced the journey of 19th century explorer David Livingstone in search of the headwaters of the Nile River.

Authorities in Loja Province say that Burzio’s assailants attacked him with metal objects outside his home in Malacatos, then dragged him inside. He was taken to the health clinic in nearby Vilcabamba and then to a hospital in Loja, where he died.

Police say four suspects are undergoing questioning, three Ecuadorians and one Colombian. They believe that Burzio knew at least one of his attackers.


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